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[Gallery] Travel Back To The Vintage Raves Of Goa, India

A long time bohemian and count er culture destination, Goa, India’s place within the electronic dance scene is one not to be taken lightly. Very much birthed from hippie aesthetics, Goa, and it’s endless beaches, were the site of a particular kind of party, ultimately birthing the PsyTrance (aka Goa Trance) parties of the 1990s-2000s. Before Ibiza and Burning Man, from the 1970s until now (kind of), Goa’s decades of influence are now captured in a new Facebook Gallery from IsraTrance. See some of the images below and reminisce of the days Goa was not beholden to local government authorities. ... Read more

These 11 Artists Fuse High Art With Nightlife

All over the world, the mediums of high art and nightlife are fusing together like never before. Highlighting any and every scene, genre, and sub section of the industry, from underground fetishists to anthemic trance, the digital space has allowed for the kind of multi sensory presentation necessary for an effective nightlife capture. Here, 11 artists have been highlighted by Electronic Beats who, over the years, have utilized their own respective artistic mediums in ways that have allowed for the world on the dancefloor to “belong” in the world of the gallery. From notorious NYC club kid Michael Alig‘s paintings ... Read more

Vintage Photographs Of Hollywood Starlets And Their Turntables

The turntable (originally, the gramophone) has been around since 1877. With such an extensive history as a source of entertainment, musical instrument, and design accessory, it is without a doubt the machine has had some very high profile fans over the years. Here, we have come across a handful of photos, some dating back to 1925, of some of the finest and most legendary starlettes the world has seen, posing with their beloved record players and turntables. From Rita Hayworth to Billie Holiday to Marlene Dietrich and beyond, we see that the turntable has truly always been en vogue. Enjoy ... Read more