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Find Out Which Game Of Thrones Character Is Your Musical Match

Ahead of tonight’s big season premiere, Spotify is telling its listeners which Game of Thrones character would most vibe with their music tastes. Built as a simple quiz, asking users to name 5 artists who best represent their musical tastes, and the streaming service matches you with your likeminded GoT character. If you are already a Spotify subscriber, the process is even easier, as it will just scan your playlists and tell you. Spotify worked directly with GoT music supervisor Evyen J. Klean to add extra authenticity to the quiz, so you really can’t complain if you’ve got the muscial ... Read more

Game Of Thrones’ Hodor Embarks On DJ Tour ‘Rave Of Thrones’

In all likeliness you have seen this man at least once on your television or computer screen: Northern-Irish actor Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, one of the favourite characters of the immensely popular HBO-series Game Of Thrones. This Summer Kristian is taking a break from acting as he is taking on a DJ tour across Australia called ‘Rave Of Thrones’. Before he was an actor, Nairn was already a formidable DJ. He was a resident DJ at Belfast club Kremlin for over ten years before he started his role in GoT, and has played alongside acts as the Scissor Sisters, ... Read more