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The ever-advancing world of DJ software has thrown out some brilliant tools in recent years, with software allowing more granular detail into the make-up of tracks. While Luddites decry the end of ‘proper DJing’, you and us, dear reader, know the truth. The truth is that these platforms and functions free up time and headspace to get even more creative with DJ sets. Rekordbox and Traktor have made it easier than ever to beat-match tracks and, rather than sap the art form of creativity, all manner of quick mixing styles and live remixing have been made possible. Algorithms have also been tasked ... Read more

Moog Releases Revolutionary App Of Iconic Minimoog Model D Synth

Based on Moog’s original analog designs for the first portable keyboard synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D App invites users to explore the fundamental elements of sound. Created by Moog exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, supporting any 64-bit iOS device to deliver advanced audio desktop-class performance on the go, while integrating seamlessly with mobile DAWs. New Functions Include: – ability to play chords of up to four notes at once, – an easy-to-use arpeggiator module for rhythmic pattern creation – a real time looping recorder with unlimited overdubs – a tempo-synchronizable stereo ping-pong delay module – the Bender — ... Read more

Ableton’s Hugely Overhauled Live 10 Software Is Now Available

With four new devices, a re-designed sound library, workflow-accelerating refinements and more, Ableton’s 10th edition of its music creation and performance platform, LIVE, is now available. Adding a new synth, Wavetable, alongside three new effects – Echo, Drum Buss, Pedal – Ableton brings a broader, bolder palette of sound to Live. Sound libraries will expand with richer, more detailed sounds in its Core Library, while new curated collections and essential instruments show the sounds that keep styles and scenes moving. Naturally, the new edition also brings significant upgrades to both MAX and PUSH, with the former fully integrated and the ... Read more

MasterSounds & Union Audio Release New 4 Channel Rotary Mixer

After a successful launch of the Radius 2 rotary mixer last year, MasterSounds is back with the Radius 4. Built upon the worldwide success of the former, the Radius 4 has been developed by Union Audio with Andy Rigby-Jones personally designed, built and tested the analogue electronics and MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw’s family owned metalworking factory manufactures the mixers outer casing. The Radius 4 offers aclean, open and dynamic sound on both LINE and RIAA inputs across 4 channels. The mixer features easy-reading back lit VU Meters, a responsive Master EQ/Isolator, a smooth natural sounding Hi-Pass Filter, and Aux Send ... Read more

The io808 Is A Roland 808 For Your Browser

Hours of fun right here, as Roland’s TR-808 is now available in browser version. There are a few 808 browser apps around, as we have reported here, but according to Electronic Beats this one is the “definitive browser-based version,” created by Programmer Vincent Riemer. So, what are you waiting for? Go waste some time..NOW! Oh, there’s also a 909. Find the io808 HERE  

Apps Of The Month: July 2016

From Discogs finally on Android to a new music discovery tool, we took a look at some of the top apps and updates over the month of July 2016. This month we see apps for iOS and Android and, for the first time, we also see Virtual Reality in the mix. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past month were. Discogs | Android Already available for iOS, Discogs mobile app has now been released for Android. Simply, scan a barcode with your phone’s camera, or manage a search results by swiping to add or delete ... Read more

Funktion-One To Release One Of A Kind Analog Mixer

The highly regarded speaker manufacturer Funktion-One is set to release their new mixer, the FF6.2. Build in cooperation with Formula Sound (the two companies had previously combined on the FF-6000 and the FF-4000 models), the new device is geared toward the high-end crowd as an analog DJ mixer. The 6 channel FF6.2 features such Funktion-One/Formula Sound nuances as metal EQs and flared fader caps, but also holds features and capabilities previously unseen on an analog mixer. Without getting technical into the specs. (trust me, there is a lot that can be said), the FF6.2 features gold-plated XLR and 1/4 inch inputs, four-band ... Read more

Mint Roland TR-808 (1983) In Original Packaging On eBay

Gear fanatics, make sure you’re sitting down for this one. Because not only is this Roland TR-808 drum machine fresh out of 1983, its also in its original packaging. The Roland TR-808 is the signature beatbox that was used in most R&B and hip-hop productions as well as a lot of dance and techno music.  However, most currently available versions carry-over the wear and tear of 20+ years. Attention: If you’ve been looking to get into the analog-gear game or add a gem to your collection – this will likely arouse your interest. The trouble is that this sale is not directed towards the typical consumer, with the unit pricing in at ... Read more

Apps Of The Month: February 2016

From new analog synths to creating the perfect pre-party mix, we take a look at some of the apps of the month this past February 2016. Most applications come in iOS versions, unless otherwise specified. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past month were. Analog Synth X | iOS Analog Synth X is a 5-voice virtual analog polysynth, featuring dual morphable VCO oscillators that is a a free and open source synth. Built with the AudioKit 3.0 framework for extra power and control. iSpark | iOS iSpark is an all-inclusive beat-making solution allowing ... Read more

Introducing Nervana, The Headphone That Gets You High

Over the last days, news was picked up about a headphone startup that had a rather unique selling point. Because next to obviously playing music, these headphones had the capability to let the listeber ‘get high’. On their website, Nervana is being described as a combination of “science and technology to make an ordinary experience extraordinary, [..] by offering a non-invasive, consumer Vagus nerve stimulator that synchronizes with music.” The stimulating pulses are created and delivered via a generator unit that acts as a throughput between the earpieces and the music player. The generator then analyses the music signal and generates electrical ... Read more

New Photo Series Shows How Daft Punk’s Masks Are Made

Ever wondered how those iconic and seemingly hyper technical masks of Daft Punk are made? The robotic face covers were first used by the duo back in 1999. The Daft Punk outfit has become so in demand in recent years that full, original costume has been reproduced for consumers (costing a sweet $34,000). Greg Santacruz didn’t have $34k and decided to make his own adaptation of the masks, and never did a fan-made recreation come as close to the real thing as this. Because Daft Punk are the most secretive mainstream artists on the planet, we never knew quite how the intricate masks worked and how ... Read more

RANE Delivers New Retro Inspired 2 Channel Rotary Mixer

Marrying retro style with modern functionality, RANE has introduced a new two channel rotary mixer, perfect for audiophiles living in the now. The MP2014 Two-Channel Rotary Mixer is built for DJs who love the classic rotary mixer experience yet refuse to compromise cutting edge features. According to RANE’s own description, the MP2014 is “a new musical instrument for the discerning perfectionist DJ who only needs two channels but requires the utmost in technology, simplicity, reliability, and portability”. With a laser-etched Rane-logo wood side panels, classic spun-aluminum knob caps, 16-segment level peak-hold meters and back-lit push switches, the MP2014 sports a ... Read more

Apps Of The Month: November

From Soundcloud creation to sonic emotion, we take a look at some of November’s best electronic music-related apps. All applications come in both Android and iOS versions, unless otherwise specified. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the month were. Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library | Download The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a royalty-free library of one shots, loops, and stems recorded at the various fixed and pop-up Rubber Tracks studios. Created in partnership with Indaba Music, the library provides a unique resource for musicians all over the world and it doesn’t cost you ... Read more

Sennheiser Updates Its Mythical Orpheus HE90 Headphones

Designed 25 years ago, Sennheiser’s Orpheus HE90 is something of a mythical entity amongst audiophiles. With 300 originally produced, and coming in at a hefty €16,000 price tag (which included personal valve amp), the HE90’s decadent presentation and crystal clear sound made it a product ripe for resissue. Well now, and a decade in the making, Seenheiser has unveiled its updated version of the HE90 and it is something of a wonder. Coming in at a cool €50,000, the 2015 version builds on the originals electrostatic design while delivering a new signal processor, marble-clad design, and motorized housing unit. Though ... Read more

Synth Geek Creates Miniature LEGO Versions Of Classic Moogs

Hardware freaks can unite behind a new project from a synth lover who has created two models of classic Moog synthesizers in miniature LEGO form. He has done so in an attempt to convince the famous toy manufacturer to actually start producing these ‘miniMoogs’, so that kids could play around with them and be triggered to an grow an interest in synths and music. Grobie87, the brain behind the project has already mocked up two models, ‘The Model D’ and ‘Voyager Old School’ that accurately depict how he sees LEGO creating the miniature Moogs. He further explains some of the reasons we should all ... Read more