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A Mixtape Tribute To Larry Levan And Paradise Garage

Larry Levan is an undisputable dance music God whose importance cannot be underestimated. Synonymous with creatively-original and emotionally-charged DJ sets at revered NYC club the Paradise Garage, the curatorship of Larry Levan’ sets became known as a genre in itself. This provided the earliest definition of what is now known as garage – the characteristics of which can still be heard in the genre to this day. Now, the quintessential Larry Levan compilation, “Genius of Time” captures this cultural figure as the prolific producer and remixer he was, while also being a joy to hear, bursting with full-blooded, timeless and ... Read more

The Definitive Larry Levan Compilation Is Here

Larry Levan’s influence across the spectrum of dance music is instrumental. From Paradise Garage to seminal house producer, Levan’s legacy permeates throughout dance music, from your favorite DJs “best of” lists to any and all “pioneer” conversation. Now, Universal has compiled “Genius of Time,” with 22 of Levan’s best productions and remixes. Packed with cuts like Gwen Guthrie’s ‘Padlock’ and Smokey Robinson’s ‘And I Don’t Love You’, alongside edits of Grace Jones, Central Line and Loose Joints, the album will be available on 25 March. Pre order HERE CD1 1 NYC Peech Boys – “Life Is Something Special (Special Edition)” ... Read more