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Is This The Web’s The First Electronic Music Interactive Map?

Check out this amazingly old school interactive map of electronic music genre’s dubbed Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. Created by Kenneth Tayler, the interactive map is presented in a flowchart style, incorporating some 100 electronic music sub genres with commentary. Since the map was designed pre-millenium, it traces the 1970s up until c. 2000 connecting influencer/influenced genres’a along the way (with many hidden gem tracks included). The guide is divided into primary sections: House, Trance, Breakbeat, Jungle, Downtempo, Techno, and hardcore, with everything from Neurofunk, Speedbass, Illbient and others included. The best part of the whole thing, though, could be ... Read more

Spotify’s New Music Genres Are As Hipster As You’d Imagine

Electronic music is no stranger to the obscure sub genre, but Spotify’s list of its own created ones is truly a hipster sight to behold. Firstly, explaining the methodology behind the genres, Spotify says: “Spotify’s genres react to changes in music as they happen. Our music intelligence platform reads everything written about music on the web and listens to millions of new songs all the time to identify unique acoustic attributes. To create dynamic genres, we identify salient terms used to describe music (e.g., “math rock,” “IDM”, etc.), just as they start to appear. We then model genres as dynamic ... Read more