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This Programme Turns Your Pictures Into Song Lyrics

Discover Giorgio Cam. A programme built by two friends, inspired by their musical hero Giorgio Moroder, which allows you to an make music by turning your pictures into song lyrics and then rhyming them. Eric Rosenbaum and Yotam Mann, two friends at Google Creative Lab, who define themselves as coders/musicians describe the programme as an experiment built with machine learning. With machine learning computer is able to recognise and identify the image using image recognition and speech synthesis to turn it into song lyrics. Unsurprisingly, it features synth-full melodies by Giorgio Moroder. However you can expand and experiment with the ... Read more

Giorgio Moroder To Release First Ever Mix Compliation Celebrating Space Ibiza

Widely considered the creator of modern electronic music, Giorgio Moroder provides a window into his musical world with a first ever mix compilation. Coming as part of a 3xCD Space Ibiza retrospective (with Erick Morillo & Mark Brown handling CD1 & CD3, respectively), Giorgio’s edition continues a new found resurgence and respect amongst the contemporary electronic music faithful (thanks in no small part to his succesful Daft Punk collaborations, surely). Check out the tracklist below and be sure to pre order this one of a kind mix. Remember! Giorgio didn’t even step behind a set of decks until he was ... Read more

Video: Pete Tong Interviews Giorgio Moroder At IMS

During the recent Internatonal Music Summit’s ‘IMS Engage’ in L.A. many artists and influentials in the entertainment industry got together to share experiences and views on the future of dance music. One of the interviews stood out, it was the one on one that Pete Tong would have with the godfather of disco (and perhaps dance music): Giorgio Moroder. BBC 1’s Pete Tong, initiator and founder of IMS sat down with the Italian producer for a 45 minute talk spanning a range of subjects. Like how the bassline for Donna Summer‘s ‘I Feel Love‘ originated, or his love for the ... Read more