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Elderly People Becoming Big Attraction At Festivals

It’s becoming somewhat of a trend on social media, footage of elderly people dancing like they’re 22 again at festivals. Just two weeks ago Holland’s very own ‘House Opa’ stole the show at Edit Festival in Haarlem. His moves were all over Facebook, and he’s been popping up before after attending other festivals and dance parties regularly. Other colourful characters of age have made equal name for themselves in other places like Berlin and Detroit. Here’s a small testimony to these people, who are showing youngsters that loving and dancing to dance music shouldn’t have an expiration date. Back in ... Read more

Video: ‘They Call Me Grandma Techno’

After we reported on a little hero last week, we thought it was a good occasion to introduce you to one who has walked the earth a little bit longer. Meet Patricia Lay-Dorsey, a 72-year old American photographer, who has been practically unable to walk after she was struck by multiple sclerosis. Many may think of this disease as hugely disabling, Patricia is actually more actively outgoing than your average 20-year old. Especially when it comes to music and festivals, because ‘Grandma Techno’ is somewhat of a dance music fanatic. While covering Detroit’s Movement festival back in 2005, totally unaware ... Read more