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Full Premiere: Greg Pidcock – Sunlight (Original Mix)

Deep-minded electronic label Akbal Music’s latest output comes from the hands of Greg Pidcock (Hot Creations), who presents a bomb for his first appearance on the Mexican label, which is extra sweetened by a collab with Silky and a potent remix by Inxec. The raw, gritty tones that characterize Greg’s music depict scenes of isolation, exploration, and a search of self. Deeply connected to his art, Greg’s creativity is a cathartic process in which he uses music and visual art to understand his own thoughts and actions. That musical approach can be found back in spades in this new release that will ... Read more

Full Premiere: Sante & Sidney Charles – All Night Long (Original Mix)

Hot Creations ushers in the summer season with fourteen exclusive tracks from their roster serving up a selection of ‘Hot Summer Jams’. Featuring new material from label figurehead Jamie Jones, alongside new tracks from favourites Patrick Topping, Russ Yallop, Jey Kermis and Tom Flynn, the collection also introduces new talent such as Jamy Wing, Beep Dee and Pete Dorling. Unveiling big tracks from the likes of DJ Le Roi and Sante & Sidney Charles that have been championed by the Hot Creations family Jamie Jones, Richy Ahmed and Lee Foss recently to great response. Stamping their sound into another summer, ... Read more

Mix #072 by Greg Pidcock

‘When I was 6 years old I got electrocuted by a neon sign in Thailand. Something about that changed me, and I knew electronic music was something I needed to pursue’ Receiving the promo from his Blame Game EP on Hot Creations a little while ago, we knew we had to keep an eye on Greg Pidcock, who showed up out of nowhere with a massive EP on the Label owned by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss. Greg is an exceptional catch in our eyes. With the announcement of his debut album, Pidcock immediately showed us he had working on ... Read more

Review: Greg Pidcock – Blame Game

As soon as Blame Game starts, it becomes clear that Hot Creations has enlisted another promising producer. Being a trained artist, Greg Pidcock paid a lot of attention to the sound design in his track. ”Blame Game” embodies a slow-running, deep groove backed up by white-noised vocals. At first it might seem it’s sole purpose is to get the night started, but looks can be deceiving: a couple minutes before the end the track builds up a decent amount of tension which is followed by an even better release. This track is meant to be played in full, that’s for ... Read more