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$200.000 For A Ticket To Secret Solstice, World’s Most Expensive Festival

While you thought tickets to your favourite Summer festivals this year were on the expensive side, they’ll surely pale in comparison to Secret Solstice Festival. Because this multi-day Icelandic festival where “the sun never sets” will cost you $200k for one ticket. And just to play devil’s advocate: when you look at the itinerary this actually starts to make sense. That’s because Secret Solstice takes you to the most exotic locations, non-stop personal service, events inside a glacier, visits to a volcano’s magma chamber, and an event at a 124 year-old geothermal pool. The second edition of Secret Solstice Festival ... Read more

Full Premiere: GusGus – Airwaves (Tsepo Remix)

This summer Beatport announced a remix competition for ‘Airwaves’, the mesmerizing tune by Icelandic electronic formation GusGus, which came out earlier this year, falling to popular and critical acclaim – like many previous studio crafts of the golden trio. Like their recent opus ‘Crossfade’, ‘Airwaves’ was up for a remix package. Only this time it would be the result of a remix competition in collaboration with Beatport. The three winners of the competition got their track featured on the remix compilation. Our very own Dutchie Tsepo (aka Jan van der Lugt) however, was commissioned by Kompakt itself to do the ... Read more