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A Guide To Choosing The Perfect DJ Headphones

Headphones are an essential piece of equipment to a DJ because, without a proper pair, there’s no sensible way to listen to what they’re creating in a recording studio or on a stage, while inhibiting interference from ambient sound or the constant screaming of fans. Good headphones enable a DJ to hear all elements in a composition and play around with things like frequency, pitch, and range to deliver a pleasant, well-balanced output. That said, high-rated headsets are an expensive investment. Experts typically advise against compromising on headphones, but if you’re merely a budding DJ with only a few bucks ... Read more

Adjust The Sounds Of Life With The Volume Button For Your Ears

A new Amsterdam-based kickstarte has launched, which aims to act as a volume button for your ears. Called Knops, the wireless, in ear device alows wearers to adjust the sound of life itself. Just imagine the possibilities, like….no crying babies on the airplane, for example! Essentially, one can instantly control real world volume, just like with the volume button on your headphones. Each device comes with 4 settings: the first being regular, second for the sounds of a vibrant city, third for the sounds of a live concert experience, and fourth for a silent environment. The design is based around ... Read more

Personalize 3D Sound To Any Headphone

Dubbed WAVES Nx, the new technology is supposed to personalize 3D sound on any pair of consumer headphones. An application that can be uploaded directly to your desktop of mobile device, WAVES Nx recreates the same three dimensional listening experience as if listening to sound in the real world for a fully immersive listening experience. Essentially, the technology tracks head movements via your computers camera or the on board Nx Head Tracker, a Bluetooth enabled device that can be clipped onto headphones. With that, 5.1 or 7.1 audio is what you hear, even if the audio you are listening to ... Read more

New Smart Headphones Adapt To Individual Ears, Changing Listening Experience

This week in crazy, futuristic headphone news comes NURA. NURA is the brainchild of a Melbourne-based startup and it is a headphone set that “scans” wearers ears, ultimately catering the emitted sound to what that users ears hear best. How do they do that? Well, I’m glad you asked that because each cup is equipped with tiny microphones meant to identify vibrations of hairs inside the ear’s cochlea when exposed to sound via a 60 second sonic frequency. This only has to happen once and the headphones Are able to recognize who the wearer is each additional time by a simple ... Read more

The Sexy New Wireless Headphones Seemlessly Fusing Leather & Metal

Designed for “executives, travellers, and exceptionally stylish humans,” the new leather and metal bound Bluetooth 4.0 headphones from NewNormal are a wireless sight to behold. The design, which is optimized to adapt to any ear, comes with a hand-stitched Napa leather band and a champagne anodized aluminium ear lock. Each headphone unit can easily be customized using silicone buds of over 30 sizes. The headphones will come in two editions: Suite ($199) and Sweat ($149), with the former including a swing out USB for charging and built-in microphone, and the latter replaces the leather for silicone. Pre order each of ... Read more

Sennheiser Updates Its Mythical Orpheus HE90 Headphones

Designed 25 years ago, Sennheiser’s Orpheus HE90 is something of a mythical entity amongst audiophiles. With 300 originally produced, and coming in at a hefty €16,000 price tag (which included personal valve amp), the HE90’s decadent presentation and crystal clear sound made it a product ripe for resissue. Well now, and a decade in the making, Seenheiser has unveiled its updated version of the HE90 and it is something of a wonder. Coming in at a cool €50,000, the 2015 version builds on the originals electrostatic design while delivering a new signal processor, marble-clad design, and motorized housing unit. Though ... Read more

Let The Music Go Straight To Your Brain With Batband

God knows there is an abundance of headphones available. From in-ear, around the ear, cup, cheap and expensive, professional and consumer, the market is one that is saturated, to say the least. Despite this, however, their remains on inherent “given” with headphones: regardless of model, they are always in your ear, drowning out the sounds of the world around you. Batband is a new kind of headphone. By using bone conduction technology, the sleek, wrap around design frees listeners’ ears while allowing music to be heard clearly. When attached to a listeners mobile device, via Bluetooth, the audio can be ... Read more

Pioneer Introduces New Flagship Headphone

Pioneer is set to introduce a brand new headphone to its extensive DJ gear line. The HDJ-700 is supposed to be a real DJ’s headphone, designed with the intention of being functional in a wide range of situations, from club mixing to home listening.  The HDJ-700, which is to be released in October, comes in a “sleek, lightweight aluminium design”. Regarding sound, the new headphone produces a “crisp and clear sound that’s engineered to strongly reproduce low and mid-level frequencies.” Accurate monitoring Optimised for dance music, the HDJ-700 has narrow ear pads and 40 mm driver units with rare earth magnets that provide “a ... Read more

Pioneer’s Newest Flagship Headphones Enter The Hi-End Market

Pioneer has long been known for the quality of their products, especially the top-of-the-line DJ headphones that frequently enter the “industry standard” conversation. With the release of their latest pair, the 5 year in the making SE-MASTER1, the Japanese gear company throws its hat into the high end headphone arena. As a company with an extensive history of audio equipment ranging from low end to high end, Pioneer seeks to alter the audiophile headphone market with their latest creation. The SE-MASTER1‘s development took over five years to complete, which is quite some time for a single product development. Still though, it can be said that Pioneer has been developing the SE-Master 1 ... Read more

Gear: Pioneer Reveals New HDJ-C70 Headphones

Pioneer have just announced a brand new model in their long-running lineage of headphones. It’s called the HDJ-C70 and is directed at professional DJs. The on-ear phones (which have a frequency response of 7Hz – 32,000Hz) have excellent sound isolation through a number of features, one of which is the soundproofing component: an air chamber established in the housing part that reduces sound influx from the outside. According to Pioneer this has great positive effect on monitoring in the ever-loud DJ booth in a club. The HDJ-C70’s frequency response is 7Hz – 32,000Hz. The material is a mix of highly ... Read more