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[Interview] The Ritual Of Music With Anané & Louie Vega

Louie Vega’s multiple talents make him recognized worldwide as one of the finest purveyors of House Music in its history, while Anané has had music in her blood from her childhood in Cape Verde to her renowned NULU Movement events in New York City. Now, two of New York City’s most diverse of underground representatives, the couple have translated the camaraderie and vibe of The Big Apple into The Ritual with Anané and Louie Vega over 10 weeks at HEART Ibiza. With their rich and personal history in New York, alongside the years of work creating an open, inclusive and ... Read more

Premiere: Roosevelt - Heart (Cleveland Remix)

Released last year via Greco-Roman/City Slang, Roosevelt‘s debut album immediately set him fully developed recording artist with an instinctive synthesis of different soundscapes. Now, 6 months later, Roosevelt enlists several of his personal heroes to reimagine his eclectic album, strictly for the dance floor. Amongst the See also: KEYWORD

Is This The First Truly Urban Bike For Music Lovers?

Drawing inspiration from outer space and employing its design for the urban space, Noordung may be the first truly urban bike for music lovers. That is, if it isn’t “too much,” of course. At first glance the bike seems sleek enough, but one can’t help but notice the overt bulkiness of its primary components. But, we’ll get there, so lets start from the beginning: The bike, which WILL be crowdfunding on Kickstarter in 2017 is built around the classic “cruiser” design. It is also electric, with its Noordung Boombox acting as it’s “heart”. The boombox acts as a device charger, ... Read more