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Interview: Jackmaster

An artist is a stunt without his philosophy. Meanwhile, how many dance music artists even have a philosophy? Can there be a substantial philosophy behind DJing? As can this craft even be called art? Furthermore, how many of the times we go to parties and gigs, do we go for the DJ, who’s philosophy, personality and approach to music we are aware of? Furthermore, admire. This interview reveals one of Jack Revill, AKA Jackmaster. Today Jackmaster’s over ten years spanning career has led to his latest (and one of very few) release on K7’s prestigious DJ-Kicks series (out on July 8). Drawing ... Read more

Emerging Markets: Malta

Resting dormant within the faults of the Mediterranean nightlife circuit is the greatly untapped market of Malta. If you’re in the midst of booking flights to the next rave oasis or looking for a haven to resurrect your dreams as an aspiring artist – you might want to lock yourself in. With its’ unique locality, culture and growing connection to the international community, Malta is becoming a hotspot for wind surfers, music professionals, artists, world-class Scuba instructors, culturally-enthused explorers, and beach ravers alike. The country’s airport has even recently earned the title of ‘most scenic airport approach.’ Comprised as a ... Read more

Stream Dutch Underground Hero Fatima Yamaha’s Debut Album Now

One of the unsung heroes of the underground, Dutchman Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha will release his debut album, “Imaginary Lines” tomorrow, and its also streaming in full below. Having produced tracks for some 15 years, and championed by the likes of Hudson Mohawke and Jackmaster for some time, Fatima Yamaha’s Moog-heavy basslines have made him one of 2015 festival season’s most in demand acts. Traversing the same lines as his 2004 (and subsequent Dekmantel reissue) ‘What’s a Girl To Do?’, “Imaginary Lines” is a sensual, slow burner of emotion. Officially launched on 27 November in London, you can also ... Read more