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[Review] Knops Earplugs Allow Four Settings Of Volume Control

Last year we came across an interesting, Amsterdam- based (successful) IndieGogo campaign, which claimed development of earplugs allowing increased control over the peripheral volumes of life. Of course in our world hearing health is paramount and something all too frequently looked at within a bipolar setting…either you wear something or you don’t. I don’t have to tell you what the pitfalls of either practice is, but for the latter (in my opinion), it is the lack of control one has over their device that really affects my willingness to use. Traditionally, once an earplug is inserted, sound is muffled and important ... Read more

Turn Your House Party Up With Your Own Custom Laser Show

Let’s face it, along with the music, production plays a huge role in why we all like this sensory experience we call dance music. From LEDs to screens to strobes and beyond, all elements of the club and festival are meant to work on synergy, creating an experience. Personally, a good laser show has always been a selling point when it comes to A/V. I couldn’t tell you why, but the thin and consistent beam of powerful light cutting through the darkness has always felt like a must have for production. I guess Wicked Lasers feels the same way and ... Read more

AudioPill is A Party In Your Stomach, And No One Else Is Invited

In today’s news of the weird and unsettling comes the “AudioPill”. Billed as a “10 hour rave” inside your body. The digestible pill, which was created by Czech artist Jan Poope (he he he), allows for 3 preset beats (before ingesting) to play once swallowed. In a somewhat nightmarish sounding description, Poope, who also describes the device as “certainly not” safe, has said that upon ingestion, users with feel a “very intensive” pain, which would eventually simmer down into a “beating pulse”. What does this “beating pulse” provide, well, according to Poope, “restlessness, amazement and elation” for the duration of ... Read more

Crowdfunding Started To Stop Burning Man Attendees Returning To Bay Area

With less than 3 weeks left until the annual bohemian pilgrimage to the Nevada desert that is Burning Man, one San Francsico man has proposed crowdfunding a 300 mile wall around the technology capital with the aim of keeping the returning Bay Area privileged from returning. By creating Megagogo, an obvious play on Indiegogo, the comedic creative agency Culitivated Wit wants to create a, “funding platform for large-scale infrastructure”. The agency’s co-founder, Brian Janosch explains that the week between August 30 – September 7 is the only time that San Franciscoans don’t have to hear about Burning Man. With that in mind, Janosch explains that, “It was an obvious conclusion…to try ... Read more