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DHA FM Mix #442 by Rollover DJs

Rollover DJs are the founders and resident DJs of the popular namesake party in Milan. The duo began their career playing at small clubs and private parties linked to the fashion scene, near and along the hip canals area of Milan. From word-of-mouth amongst the in-crowd, their parties gained popularity fast, and in the meantime the duo’s music also evolved, creating a unique disco/house mix with roots firmly in ‘70s funk, new wave, and Afrobeat. In 2016 they founded Apollo Milano, a new home for the Rollover brand, that combines a club, cocktail bar and restaurant, inspired by the Soho ... Read more

Solomun Hands Over Personal Instagram To Unique Selection Of Visual Artists

In a unique initiative, Diynamic label boss Solomun will hand his Instagram account over to the Hamburg Atelier “Freistil – Kunst in Aktion” – a workplace for people with and without disabilities. “Atelier Freistil” is a place that welcomes anyone and everyone for daycare and workshops each and every day of the week. The Atelier enables and encourage artists to host exhibitions exploring sculpturing, printing technology and photography. The take over will raise awareness about workplace and will see them post works from their artists day by day for the next two weeks. Check out the first image by below: ... Read more

With This New Card Game You Can Finally Win At Berghain

Yes, Berghain is back in the news, kinda, but this time it’s something fun! An upcoming Kickstarter project has recently launched an Instagram Page teasing “Berghain ze Game,” a graphic card game putting players in the role of infamous doorman, Sven Marquadt. TBH, I’m terrible at grasping card game rules so all I can say is the object is to create the best crowd inside as possible. Some of the characters are the “Cub,” “Fag Hag,” “Tourist,” “Leather Daddy” and “Ketamine Fiend” all separated via color coded cards. On the game, the creators explain: “your job is to let the ... Read more

What Instagram Habits Say About Your Taste In Music

Instagram Music has teamed up with media ratings agency Nielsen to produce the first ever report on the musical tastes of its users. Obviously, the bottom line here is just that…the bottom line, to find out how much users spend on music, events, and marketing, but insight into how users ingest there music and how much time they spend capturing events via the platform, were also looked into. It turns out that 42% on Instagram users are more apt to purchasing music than non users (the same number who say that attending a live event is vital in determining themselves ... Read more

You Won’t Believe These Real DJ Names

DJ aliases are as common in the dance music world as it gets. Look at any number of festivals, club nights or events and the combination between the Steve Lawler’s, Carl Cox’s, and Seth Troxler’s of the world with the Claptone’s, Eats Everything’s, and Skream’s is just a given. But, for every proper alias there is also a slew of what-were-they-thinking names sometimes its hard to grasp them all (and you should, because when they get bad they get REALLY bad). Thankfully, the Instagram page realdjnames has launched, crowd sourcing its content and featuring some of the most dumbfounding DJ ... Read more

Would You Vote For An Artist On RA If They Gave You Free Drugs?

Trading free drugs for votes. Is this the new strategy artists are employing to get their rapid fanbases to engage in annual popularity contests? It should be noted that, as of publishing time, the tweets have been deleted, Instagram account suspended, as well as explaining himself* but Hotflush‘s Scuba has still ruffled a few feathers since posting the original image (see our featured one) of a handful of lines on an iPad with the RA Poll landing page clearly visible. In a series of social media posts that celebrate his 12 week XOYO residency, as well as his (potential) RA Poll placement, ... Read more

Black Coffee’s #WeDanceAgainChallenge Is Now A Viral Dance Sensation

The latest single from South Africa’s Black Coffee entitled ‘We Dance Again’ (from his LP “Pieces of Me”) has set the internet in a frenzy, recently going viral as the man himself called on his fans and followers to record themselves in various states of dance. Collected under the Instagram hashtag #wedanceagain, the challenge was originally kicked off by Europe-based DJ Funk Fresh, but has since been championed by Black Coffee, doing it a step further by calling on local and international celebrities to join in. Below, we have selected a few of our favorite submissions from the #wedanceagainchallenge challenge, ... Read more

Full Premiere: Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa – Mistreated (Original Mix)

  “Have you ever been mistreated by someone you love?” asks a clean smooth Afro-American voice in this uplifting, feel-good tune ‘Mistreated’, to which we are going to give a pedestal this Friday afternoon in our Premier section, besides totally grooving to it’s jazzy harmonica tunes at the moment of writing. One of the men behind it, is the author of an eye flashing, bright-coloured, incredibly angled real life stills, which his Instagram profile is filled with. In the dance music industry, he is recognized by the name Mark Farina. I could not go on but mention, since this already ... Read more

#EDM Banned From Instagram

Though their blacklist has been known for a few years, Instagram has been on something of a hasthtag purge as of late. Some of the hashtag bans are self explanatory, like #porn, however recently some have drawn considerable controversy, such as the recent banning of #curvy (though, has since made a comeback). Today, news came that the popular social network’s latest ban is on #EDM, and the reasoning behind it is vague. In a statement on the matter, Instagram describes its hashtag policy as “We block (i.e. make unsearchable) certain hashtags when they are consistently being used to share images ... Read more

Instagram “Celebrity” Drops Insane Amount For Festival VIP

Professional poker player, privileged caucasian, Instagram celebrity, and sometime stuntman Dan Bilzerian has taken festival attendeeship to a new level by dropping some $650K for the ultimate VIP experience at New York City’s Electric Zoo Festival. The festival, which takes place over the first weekend of September on New York’s Randall’s Island, is a 3 day affair and considered to be one of the premiere destinations for dance music in the states, albeit heavily marketed towards EDM. In order to maximize the experience for himself and 200 of his closest “friends,” Bilzerian has ordered some 60 magnums of champagne, 45 handles of ... Read more

Cymbal Mixes Instagram & Soundcloud For Easy Music Discovery

Described as “music discovery powered by friends, not algorithms,” Cymbal is a new app looks to fill the strategic gap in the digital music business, where a truly social experience for music lovers has yet to be created. The app, which launched this past May, was developed in Boston’s Tufts University by a trio of recent graduates, plays as an “Instagram for music,” bypassing unnecessary options, instead adopting a simple, less-is-more interface. Like Instagram, the app allows users to post just one song alongside colourful album art. Also like Instagram, Cymbal includes a home feed, personal profile, followers, likes, comments, hashtags and tags. The official ... Read more

This Is What Trouw Looks Like Now

What a nightmare it must be to work across the street from Trouw, which at the moment is being leveled bit by bit by heavy machinery and construction workers. Tom Trago, whose studio lays opposite of the club in the Volkshotel building, has documented the demolition of the hailed Amsterdam club in a small series of pictures and videos. The venue will be replaced by the Student Hotel in 2016. Last week the organization made it clear that they would be interested in re-opening Trouw’s basement to re-institute a club there. Various parties from Amsterdam’s nightlife showed their interest after ... Read more