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Is This The Web’s The First Electronic Music Interactive Map?

Check out this amazingly old school interactive map of electronic music genre’s dubbed Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. Created by Kenneth Tayler, the interactive map is presented in a flowchart style, incorporating some 100 electronic music sub genres with commentary. Since the map was designed pre-millenium, it traces the 1970s up until c. 2000 connecting influencer/influenced genres’a along the way (with many hidden gem tracks included). The guide is divided into primary sections: House, Trance, Breakbeat, Jungle, Downtempo, Techno, and hardcore, with everything from Neurofunk, Speedbass, Illbient and others included. The best part of the whole thing, though, could be ... Read more

A Fully Interactive Map Of Every Music Genre EVER

Created by the Spotify-owned music data service Echo Nest, Every Noise At Once is an interactive map highlighting just that…every musical genre ever created! “Maps are, after all, as much machines for getting lost as they are for finding yourself. There are probably things on this map you’ve never imagined. It probably contains things that you don’t yet realise you love, and branching points where you will be amazed and thrilled to have veered, “ says Echo Nest of the project. Every Noise At Once allows users to listen to any and all musical genres with samples of each aggregated where you can ... Read more

Which Drug Is Your Country Most Addicted To?

An interactive map using data from the United Nations office of Drugs and Crime reveals the number of users and how many people die from drug overdoses in each country around the world. Created to the extent of addiction across the globe, the map is grouped into categories including cannabis, cocaine, solvents, opioids, as well as hallucinogens and amphetamine-type stimulants. The results for top country in each respective field are as follows: Cannabis – Iceland Cocaine- Scotland MDMA – Australia Amphetamine – El Salvador Prescription Opiods – USA Prescription Stimulants – El Salvador Opiods – USA New Zealand and Iran were also singled ... Read more