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DHA Mix #246 By Fur Coat

Despite the name, the saying fur coat and no knickers definitely doesn’t apply to this duo, as they tick all the boxes in terms of self expression and also their ability to provide music that is weighty, influential and also a pleasure to dance to. Today Venezuela’s techno team, Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine, aka Fur Coat, deliver us with a mixtape in leu of their new EP ‘Numbers‘. An unlikely meeting just by chance is what brought the two together, bonding over their passion and affinity for similar music back in 2004. Over 10 years on, their history has seen ... Read more

DGTL Podcast #003 by Fur Coat

The third podcast out of a series we do in collaboration with DGTL Festival. After our dutch pride Prunk, who’s mix was a massive succes with over 15.000 plays, we now have the Venezuelan duo Fur Coat. A nice mix to cool down from that amazing first festival of the year. You may think Fur Coat is a quiet new act in the scene but the reality is quite different. Even before the Venezuelan pair met at a house party in 2004, Israel Sunshine was building a solid reputation as a DJ, and Sergio Muñoz was successfully producing his own sound ... Read more