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Joris Voorn Launches Spectrum Radio On International FM

What started as an event/photo series is now a solid all encompassing media concept. With the addition of Spectrum Radio, Joris Voorn will be heard on worldwide fm stations in (so far) France, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Now, its 4 episodes have racked up some 100K plays across Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and iTunes, and have featured upfront music from the likes of Sasha, Patrice Baumel, Kölsch & Michael Mayer, Detroit Swindle, Stephan Bodzin and Dusky. Each episode also features special segments such as ‘So Long’ (classics), ‘The Secret’ (exclusive edits and unreleased mixes), and ‘The ... Read more

Trackstack Makes Crate-Digging Virtual With New iOS App

Described as “a simple, productive, and immersive digital crate digging tool for your favourite retailer,” the new app Trackstack aims to digitally recreate the experience of vinyl collecting. Linked to Beatport and allowing users to swipe through releases, listen to snippets, and categorize, the app looks to make the experience of record searching through your phone easier. Though referrals to Soundcloud, Discogs, and various social media is possible, currently Trackstack only supports the Beatport catalogue for the actual purchasing of tracks, although they promise to add more retailers soon (as well as an Android version) For now, find the app ... Read more

What Colour Are Your Musical Tastes?

Predominant.ly is a website looking to to revive the nostalgia of the “thrill of the hunt” for new music by abandoning genre, artist, or suggestions in favour of album cover colour. Designed by the Open Work collective, which is based in The Hague, the process of modern music discovery is described as, “We either have to search for new music (and how can you search for something that you don’t already know?) or software algorithms give helpful results that are often useless, or hilarious. The act of discovery makes our music more special to us: It’s the thrill of the hunt and the sense of discovery ... Read more

DJs And Music Collectors Warned Not To Download iTunes 12.2

iTunes has been somewhat of a mothership for organizing your digital music collection. Especially for DJs it’s been a trusted tool to catalog, label and of course find those thousands and thousands of tracks you’ve gathered over the years. It’s a shame then that the latest iTunes update, version 12.2, is showing some nightmarish glitches on your tags, artwork and more. “Arctic Monkeys’ album art is displayed while Elliot Smith is listed as the artist. Meanwhile, when I clicked on The Beatles’ “And Your Bird Can Sing,” an Arctic Monkeys song played.”  – Mashable contributor According to various blogs it comes ... Read more

Organise Your Entire iTunes Library By BPM

Tagtraum Industries Beatgauge is looking to fill the gap between iTunes and auto BPM software. The Cologne based indie software shop’s Beatgauge, a new music utility for Mac OS X. Beatgauge automatically calculates BPM (beats per minute) for songs stored in iTunes. Implemented as drag’n’drop app, Beatgauge is dead-simple to use: Simply drop songs onto the app window and watch Beatgauge do its magic. Knowing the tempo of songs is important for dancers, DJs, spinning, aerobics, running, and many other beat-oriented activities and workouts. Whether a single track, playlist, or your whole library, Beatgauge offers a built-in and extremely quick ... Read more