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DHA FM Mix #426 By Sapphire Slows

Tokyo Netscape nightingale Sapphire Slows is a producer, DJ, and performer who is known for her own style inspired by left-field electronic, ghostly ambient, smoky dub, and extraordinary 80′s  pop sounds. She started producing and recording music in her bedroom in Spring 2011, mainly with vintage Casio keys and Ableton, after which this new young Tokyo gem-gleaner was discovered by LA-based underground label Not Not Fun & Tokyo-based Big Love. Her first proper full-length album ‘Allegoria’ released in 2013 was chosen as best album of the year by Crack Magazine (UK), Mike Paradinas (Planet Mu/UK), Japan Times (JP), and so on. ... Read more

Premiere: Risa Taniguchi - Ambush (Original Mix)

After successful releases from Maetrik, Shall Ocin, Daniel Watts, and ANNA, Clash Lion welcomes the exciting and most definitely upcoming talent from Japan, Risa Tanigucki with 3 tracks of . Formerly known as DJ RS, Risa is one of Tokyo’s most established underground artists via her performances on streaming platform Dommune and radio stations Inter FM and Rakuten FM, who already can claim Maceo Plex, Daniel Avery, Charlotte De Witte and Amelie Lens as supporters. Here, off the eponymous EP, ‘Ambush’ is dark and distorted, with a thundering and abrasive bass presence. “Ambush” EP is available 1 June on Clash ... Read more

Premiere: Keita Sano - Slow Flight (Original Mix)

Very much at the forefront of Japan’s new breed of electronic music artist is Keita Sano. His releases hold an affinity to old school process with eclectic tastes and zany approach, as exemplified on renowned labels like Mister Saturday Night, 1080p, Lower Parts, Row, Strictly Groove Recordings, Enother Blessing, Holic Trax and Spring Theory. Now, Keita Sano brings forth the 11th release of Italian label What Ever Not coming in the form of his “Not Too Late” EP, a four-track pack that melts afro funk contaminations with scented, crunchy and deeply varied patterns, sampled vocal elements and looping melodies. “Not ... Read more

Rush Hour To Launch Japanese Vinyl Series

Amsterdam’s Rush Hour will launch a brand new vinyl series that focuses exclusively on Japanese produced music. Though brief and limited the series first three releases will be reissues: Ryo Kawasaki‘s Little One, Eri Ohno‘s Skyfire and Fuwari Fuwa Fuwa by Ruriko Ohgami, which will be available next week to the tune of 800 available copies. Rush Hour will also be in Japan with Antal, Hunee, San Proper and Soichi Terada for a label showcase at Rainbow Disco Club. Tracklist Eri Ohno – Skyfire: 01. Skyfire 02. Live Hard, Live Free Ryo Kawasaki – Little One: 01. Little One 02. ... Read more

Japanese Government Eases Infamous ‘Dancing Ban’

Relief is spreading through Japanese club scene at the moment, as the infamous Fueiho law has been revised by the government. The “no-dancing” law was in place since 1948 and prohibited most club goers to move to the music they were listening to. In 2014 a similar bill was proposed to the Japanese government but was discarded. Now, one year later, the proposal for the adjustment of the judicial antiquity was approved by the cabinet. See also: Japanese Dance Ban (2014) Specifically, the Fueiho law Japan made no clear distinction between nightclubs and adult entertainment venues, where dancing is prohibited. ... Read more

Light Your Room & Power Your Speakers With Sony’s New Bulb

Having speakers in every room of your apartment or house can be a real struggle, not to mention a complicated struggle in connecting devices. It seems that the people at Sony have also felt this pain, and have come up with a brilliant idea, making your musical life easier and even helping to save energy. With its LED light bulb LSPX-100E26J (!) complete with Bluetooth speaker, Sonys product looks like a traditional light bulb. It has a standard cap screw and can be installed in the same way as a normal light bulb in ceilings or lamps. The new bulb comes with an iOS & Android ... Read more

Japanese Dance-Ban About To Be Lifted By Government

When we first heard about this piece of news we thought it was a joke. But it couldn’t be further from fiction. Practically ever since the end of WWII, it has been forbidden to dance in recreational venues they visited, this has included clubs since they first appeared on the island in the Pacific. When clubbers ignore this law they could count on being scolded by staff members or, in the worst case, be hauled off by law enforcers to the nearest police station. All that is about to change now though. Only a few venues in the entire country ... Read more