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President Obama Meets With Chosen Few DJs

In the final stages of his presidency, US commander in cool Barack Obama invited Chicago’s Chosen Few DJs to the White House. The “Chosen Few” are 8 Chicago House Music ambassadors (Wayne Williams, Jesse Saunders, Tony Hatchett, Alan King, Andre Hatchett, Terry Hunter and Mike Dunn), whose annual Chicago picnic is now in its 26th year. In fact, for its 25th edition, Obama appeared on a large screen during the event congratulating the artists and acknowledged the DJs place in musical (and Chicago) history. The visit went down in Mid-May, but now images have just been released of the President, his ... Read more

80’s Aussie Hit ‘Space Invaders’ Inspired The Very First House Track

“For me, just that whole groove of it was incredible. So that’s what became my signature record whenever I played anywhere” Jesse Saunders The question on what was the very first house track ever made is disputed to this day, but there is some agreement that one of the sure contenders is ‘On And On‘ by Chicago pioneer Jesse Saunders. The seven and a half minute 808-bonanza is commonly pointed to as the first chapter in the Chicago house sound, which ushered in an era of closely collaborating young talents who would soon find fame across the Atlantic, like Frankie ... Read more