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DHA Mix #281 By John Monkman

Releasing on many of the world’s cutting edge labels, it was John Monkman’s 2015 collaboration with Pete Tong that shot him firmly into international tastemaker conversations. Having released on the likes of Kompakt, Crosstown Rebels, and Get Physical, with several new projects in the pipeline, John Monkman is also a staple name atop the Beatport charts and the world’s top electronic music media (like DHA for instance, which previously premiered Coyu‘s remix of John & Pete’s ‘The Bumps’. Now, with recent releases available via Rebellion (Epoch) and Noir Music (Trusting Source), John Monkman brings his one of a kind electronic ... Read more

Premiere: Lorenzo Calvio – Brunando (Original Mix)

Since 2012, Lorenzo Calvio has made music an always present traveling companion in his life. In the years since, as a producer, Lorenzo has released on labels such as Moodmusic and Apparel, and his work has been remixed by artists such as Martin Patiño and Alexander Mayer, Andrea Arcangeli, John Monkman, Federico Grazzini, Asal, and Alan Banjo. Here, Lorenzo premieres the original off his forthcoming “Brunando” EP. The title track is a shadowy tune, with prying synths and sweeping filters, but also some cosmic melodies that add drama and colour. It’s a track full of wide open space so is ... Read more

Electronique ADE Podcast #001 by Le Roi

When thinking of Switzerland people do not immediately associate the mountainous nation with a rich electronic music scene. Basel-bred DJ Le Roi is about straighten this misconception. With his exquisite sound of deep, funky house he has been earning his stripes during the last couple of years. Le Roi will touch down in Amsterdam for the ADE Electronique Showcase. So we were delighted to be featuring Le Roi for this week’s mix. Le Roi, aka Cedric Eichenberger, grew up in the hiphop and soul infused house decade that were the nineties. From a young age he knew he wanted to ... Read more