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Stream Moodymann’s Entire DJ-Kicks Mix For Free

Out 19 February, iconic Detroit DJ & Producer Moodymann curates and mixes the 51st edition of !K7’s famed DJ-Kicks series. Over 3 vinyls, 75 minutes, and 30 tracks, Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr fuses jazz, funk, soul, blues and rock in an unpredictable, esoteric way. Much like his DJ sets, DJ-Kicks 51 brings listeners into Moodymann’s musical environment, from sensual sounds to depraved grooves. You can Pre Order Moodymann’s first commercial mix CD and check out the tracklist below. With 11 exclusive Moodymann edits and a slew of tracks from his inner circle, DJ-Kicks 51. Stream DJ-Kicks 51 for free ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Rick Wilhite

“I’ve been a vital part of house music since day one, that’s what keeps my heart beating, I’m in its DNA” Interviewer: Marcus Barnes (Deep House London) Rick Wilhite has dedicated his life to the music industry and whatever you wish to know about Wilhite is conveyed through his music. His skill set includes DJ sets of R&B, Hip-Hop, Techno and Reggae but his “mojo” is House and Disco. Born, raised and still residing in Detroit, Rick learned at an early age that a career in music takes more than playing your favourite records. Multi-faceted crowd control, sound engineering and ... Read more