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Speed Is In The Water of Holland’s Small Towns

In a practice frequently used by the EU, several small towns throughout the Netherlands have began testing their waste water for insight into local drug habits. Interestingly, for a country with such prominent history of soft drugs and MDMA usage, it is actually Speed that pops up the most in rural areas. Back in March, the NRC checked the waste water of 8 towns in North and West Holland over the period of one week. The water was tested for cocaine, MDMA. cannabis, amphetamines and methamphetamine. “Speed is farmers cocaine…‘It is cheap and easy to get hold of. We are ... Read more

Would You Vote For An Artist On RA If They Gave You Free Drugs?

Trading free drugs for votes. Is this the new strategy artists are employing to get their rapid fanbases to engage in annual popularity contests? It should be noted that, as of publishing time, the tweets have been deleted, Instagram account suspended, as well as explaining himself* but Hotflush‘s Scuba has still ruffled a few feathers since posting the original image (see our featured one) of a handful of lines on an iPad with the RA Poll landing page clearly visible. In a series of social media posts that celebrate his 12 week XOYO residency, as well as his (potential) RA Poll placement, ... Read more

Recovering From The Post-Festival Comedown?

For me, late March meant one thing and one thing only…Winter Music Conference. For the better part of a decade I made the annual trek to South Beach, having cashed in a years worth of loose change along with its tax refund, whether as fan or professional, the week was simply a must go. Traditionally we would arrive in Miami late Wednesday and last until the following Monday morning. Pre-event, however, these 5 days still required a certain amount of planning, the most important of which was how long of a work leave to request. When the time came to put in the request: ... Read more

UK Study: Ketamine Could Cure Manic Depression

It looks like there is more encouraging news coming from drug-related studies. After the favorable news on MDMA curing tinitus, it is now shown that the popular party-drug ketamine has had dramatic positive effects on severely depressed patients who had not responded to other treatments during a study UK. Last week the drug was upgraded to a Class B banned substance, because of evidence that it has caused physical and psychological harm to recreational users. But at the Oxford NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Oxford, researchers have observed that 29% patients that participated in a study battling long-term cases ... Read more