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“Deep Web” Laser Installation Gets Club Debut During CTM Berlin

Robert Henke, veteran producer, and Christopher Bauder, laser technician, will be presenting ‘Deep Web’, a surround sound and laser installation at this year’s CTM Festival in Berlin. You might also see a small resemblance to the ‘Kinetic Sculpture’ that made the news last year.  See also: THE KINETIC SCULPTURES LOOKING FOR THEIR NIGHTCLUB HOME Utilising a system of spatial lasers driven by mechanical winches, the “kinetic” installation choreographs light designed by Bauder with a score penned by Henke. It’s set to take place in Berlin’s Kraftwerk complex from February 2nd through 7th, with a special live performance closing the run on ... Read more

The Kinetic Sculptures Looking For Their Nightclub Home

Two companies on opposite sides of the world are taking the latest findings in engineering and combining them with LED artistry for some truly creative kinetic light sculptures itching to make their way onto festival stages around the world. Las Vegas’ Fischer Technical and Dubai’s Build Up are two technology and automation companies at the forefront of the motion sculpture and LED art fields. Each company has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment including the 2012 London Olympics, Jayz & Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and some of the largest firms in the Arab world (Fischer on the ... Read more