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5 Not-To-Miss Acts At SONUS Croatia 2016

With a handful of days left until the start of the sun-soaked techno marathon on the gorgeous bleached island of Pag, also known as Sonus Festival, I wanted to guide through our most anticipated performances on the festival. As for the criteria, I chose the unseen, original and interesting sets to hear for a prominent festival goer.  Photo by Ruben Berenguer 1.  Recondite (live) followed by Dixon Now this is the sequence to dream for! The two most crowd intuitive techno and house performers out there one after another! The No.1 live act of 2014 followed by the No.1 DJ of 2015, and 2014, ... Read more

Report: De School’s De Zomernacht

Last weekend, on Saturday July 2nd, we had a look inside De School’s new recurring ‘De Zomernacht’ special. With near perfect sets from Somewhen and Roi Perez (Ostgut Ton) on the first round – the venue has so-far made a solid start at rekindling the spontaneous spirit of Amsterdam’s fringe nightlife. For those unfamiliar with De School’s new program ‘De Zomernacht’ – its a summer special that masks the lineup a few days up to the event, in order to catalyze spontaneity vital for a proper party. Alongside the new branding strategy, De School opened a small, new bar in its garden area, and invited the Amsterdam-based visual artist duo Children Of Light to showcase their distinct installation style. For ... Read more

The First Responses To De School: Can It Live Up To The Hype?

Yesterday night saw the opening of De School, the unofficial successor to Club Trouw, exactly one year after Amsterdam’s clubbing Mecca closed its doors. The hype surrounding the club was sizeable to say the least, with tickets for the opening and every other event scheduled for the coming weeks selling out within a matter of minutes after going online.  So, can De School fill the void that Trouw has left behind? The short answer is yes. If we are to believe ex-Trouw resident JP Enfant, whom we spoke to for this item, and the select group of ticket holders, this might be that new ... Read more

De School Announces Opening Date, Programming For Coming Months

Club Trouw’s much anticipated successor, De School, has come out with the first information regarding the opening date, the club, restaurant and programming for the first months.  On January 3, De School will open its doors to the club and the just announced restaurant that will be housed under the same roof . The focus of the club will rely heavily on a pool of talented local artists like Tom Trago, Sandrien, Makam, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Job Jobse, Interstellar Funk, Robert Bergman and Young Marco, as well as loyal Trouw international Seth Troxler. Other names mentioned in the programming for the first period after opening are ... Read more

Weimar Imprint Giegling Prepare For Amsterdam Showcase At NDSM-Wharf

The story of the Weimar-based Giegling imprint is one that’s difficult to grasp. Starting only a few years ago, the club-turned-label came up with a series of one outstanding release after another. It is is run by a handful of artists who forged their friendship at a Weimar nightclub from which the label takes its name. This band of uncompromising creative minds also account for pretty much all of the releases on the label. They landed on our radar indefinitely after their earth-shattering label night on the mighty Tanzwüste/Tanzwiese stage at Fusion Festival in 2014. They were also voted the ... Read more