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Why Las Vegas is Becoming Home for Electronic Music Legends

What are the dream music venues you instantly think of? That favourite festival you frequent every year? That underground club that’s off the mainstream radar but which bangs without fail? Chances are that few people ever consider Las Vegas as their ideal venue but believe it or not that’s where the crème de la crème of DJ’ing talent congregates for the majority of the year. Here’s why. Cash With big name DJs commanding close to six figure sums for just one appearance, any venue needs some serious financial clout in order to be able to book them without going bust ... Read more

Ranked: the most luxurious suites on the Strip

Do you want to enjoy the luxury Las Vegas life? We unveil the most luxurious suites on the Strip. The below-outlined infographic uses a unique point system to rank the suites of iconic hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Which suite would you like to stay in? Viva Las Vegas For the original research, Betway looked at 25 hotels on the Las Vegas Strip to obtain definitive information about the most luxurious suites in the world that this city has to offer. Las Vegas is synonymous with luxury, so discover here which suite has the most to offer. Which suite ... Read more

Further Future: A Millennial Utopia

Last weekend just deep enough with the native lands of the Paiute Tribe in the desert of Nevada a cultural shift took place which has redefined what a “festival” has the potential to be: the event was Further Future.The festival, put on by the organizers of Robot Heart, is unlike any other festival on the scene. The founders have curated a truly unique space for the imagineers of the world to come together and converse. It goes beyond the party. The energy encourages growth and conversation. Upon entering the festival you can tell it is just different: it’s about the ... Read more

Dance Tonight: The All-In-One Event App for Electronic Music

Big news today as Dance Tonight, the all-in-one event app for electronic dance music has been launched across all major US and EU markets for both iOS and Android. The app is set to provide music fans, clubbers and festival goers with the most comprehensive dance music event guide in a single, easy to use interface with a focus on three main categories: Underground, Indie Electronic and EDM. The app tends to provide an easy solution for all possible situations: whether you are sorting last minute plans, plan a big night out with friends or just want to be up to ... Read more

Ultra Racist Westboro Baptist Church To Protest Inside Electric Daisy Carnival

Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)surely sees its fair share of undesirables given its 100,000+ attendance, but 2016’s edition will see the presence of a truly despicable organization: The Westboro Baptist Church. For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of knowing who the Westboro Baptist Church is, they are a small congregation of ultra right wing Christians who REALLY dislike homosexuals (these are the “God Hates Fags” crowd). Based in Kansas and famous for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers, the Westboro boys have set their sights on the hedonism of dance music culture. Claiming EDC, “is just ... Read more

MDMA Is A Step Closer To Legal Medicinal Use In USA

Over the past several months, the use of MDMA as a treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has circulated through the medical community. Now, despite the controversial nature of such a proposal, MDMA may be on its way to gain Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its medicinal qualities. For those who may not now, MDMA is the active ingredient in ecstasy and, in its purest form, has a history of psychoanalytic use. So far, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has been conducting studies using MDMA, specific to PTSD treatment, and are about to conclude the ... Read more

The Missed Connections Of Electric Daisy Carnival

For those on the European continent who may not be aware, Electric Daisy Carnival is the largest electronic music festival in the US. With a history that dates back to 1997 and spinoffs from Brazil to the UK, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is nothing short of an international dance music monster. The flagship festival currently goes down in Las Vegas, Nevada (after having to move from its Southern California birthplace due to narcotics incidents) over 3 days in June. During its annual tenure, EDC turns Sin City awash with brightly coloured ravers, kandi kids, and spirit animals (yes, there’s a smattering ... Read more

Las Vegas Ups The Extravagance With Drone Bottle Service

A piece of high-tech gear that is used for scouting combat areas in war zones, has been put to entirely different use in Las Vegas last weekend. At a hotel pool party, people could hire a drone that delivers their bottles of booze to them. Las Vegas is not a city known for its subtlety. It’s one of the wildest and luxurious places to party – if you show the right amount of money, that is. It has been a favourite spot for high rollers as far back as when Sinatra was still rocking the grand hotel lobbies of the ... Read more