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Thousands Of Sydneyans Hit The Streets Protesting Lockout Laws

Thousands of Sydney residents took to the streets on Saturday in protest over the infamous lockout laws that have been threatening nightlife culture in the Australian metropole. See also: Sydney now implements ‘Kebab lockout law’ The Keep Sydney Open Rally started at Sydney’s Central Station at 12:30pm before making its way to the Central Business District. The NSW Government introduced the laws in 2014 in response to antisocial behaviour in the CBD. The rally’s founder Tyson Koh, DJ Nina Las Vegas and The Preatures’ Isabella Manfredi were the speakers during the central meeting point at Hyde Park. Numbers vary on the exact turnout of ... Read more

Sydney Now Implements Kebab Lockout Laws

There is a new political rage going on down under, and its all about telling its citizenry what they cannot do on a night out. Firstly, and most documented, came Sydney’s alcohol lockout laws, with its far reaching consequences. meant to curb the amount of alcohol-fueled violence, the cruz of the law had vendors stopping service at 10pm, alongside 1:30am for hotels and nightclubs. Needless to say, with Australia ever-increasing as a destination of dance music, its citizenry, as well as those looking to travel to the city, have not been taking kindly. But now there is a new lockout ... Read more

This Is What’s Happening In Dance Music In 2016

By: Milan van Ooijen & Steve Rickinson New year, new beginnings. Although some things tend to stay the same as ever, like your co-worker proudly proclaiming to have gotten a gym membership after that “dreadful eating binge we call Christmas”. Even though we have only just started the new year, there are a couple of developments and stories that we can all be fairly certain of happening in the year 2016 in dance music, by looking at the moments that defined 2015, some of them significant, some that went under the radar. So here you go, your dance music programma for 2016.  Police Crash ... Read more