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Draaimolen Festival Returns With Strongest Lineup To Date

This year, Draaimolen celebrates their fifth anniversary with several special events marking the occasion. So far, these celebrations have included a sold-out birthday celebration with a Nous’Klaer showcase in April and an extra special (soon to be announced) line-up for a free festival Holy Pink in July. Still though, the centerpiece of it all remains Draaimolen Festival 2018, which returns to its beloved location Charlotte Oord on 15 September. Transforming the green space of meters high trees with spectacular stage designs of Iregular, Cinemata, Freerotation, Nikki Hock and Joeri Woudstra and visuals from (amongst others) Heleen Blanken, the event continues ... Read more

No Substances Needed With These Hallucination-Simulating Glasses

Komono and Ray-Ban eat your heart out, because there is a new pair of shades out that just might steal a bit of thunder from the in-demand sunglasses brands. Hungarian artist Bence Agoston has created shades that not only look cool, but that can actually simulate hallucination. The frame and glasses, which are 3D printed, are interchangeable parts. This allows you to combine up to three different layers of lenses on the minimalistic black, metal-like frame. Each lens is based on a different Moiré pattern that filters red, green, or blue light, allowing you to create all kinds of insane technicolour palettes to freak out on. Agoston ... Read more

The Psychedelic World Of Drugs Under The Microscope

Dutch photographer Maurice Mikkers has been peering inside pills for about two years starting with the over-the-counter painkillers he took for three months after a surgery. Mikkers’ method includes a trinocular microscope, featuring two lenses to look through and a third for the camera (a Canon 5D Mark III), which takes a series of HDR detail images. Pills are crushed in a mortar, weighed out to specific amounts and dissolved it in water. Drops of the solution are placed on slides and allowed to crystalize. Mikkers has since moved on from over-the-counter medications to peer inside the likes of LSD, GHB, DMT, and 2CB. He’s also ... Read more