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Musicmap Traces 150 Years Of Music History

Coming as a Belgian based website, Musicmap traces 150 years of music genealogy, subgenres and all. The project, which is 7 years in the making, is of epic scale, covering everything from “supergenres” to a glossary of musical terms. By using an intricate network, Musicmap ultimately highlights some 200 music genres, tracking their influences, inception, musical explanation, who they have influenced, and more. It even comes with YouTube playlists of the genres, with Spotify playlists still to come. The sheer amount of research here is impressive, albeit when such research is involved their is an inevitable amount of academic jargon ... Read more

Berlin’s Nightclubs In One Handy Metro Map

Berlin’s nightlife infrastructure is one of the most diverse, and encompassing in all the world, but what about it’s transportation system? Given the number of tourists, expats, and non-German speaking visitors attracted to the capital city each and every year, many of whom thrive for entrance to the hallowed grounds of Berghain, Watergate, Tresor, and the likes, the massive, interconnected network of trains, trams and Stra├čes may be daunting to navigate. Below, Germany’s answer to AirBnB WIMDU has provided a rather comprehensive and, most importantly, easy to understand map of the city’s expansive U-Bahn network, only with its nightclubs and ... Read more