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DIY Mastering Tool ‘LANDR’ Backed By Hawtin, Pete Tong & more

LANDR, the cloud-based mastering tool that takes away the burden of mastering your tracks – or paying somebody a hundred bucks to do it for you – has picked up a cool 6.2 million in funds from investors like Nas, Warner Music Group and and the Plus Eight Equity Fund (an equity firm owned by the likes of Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin, Tiga and John Acquaviva). See also: LANDR: a helpful tool for producers The tool is over a year old now and didn’t make that much of an impact on the world of (bedroom) music production. The results were ... Read more

“LANDR” a helpful tool for producers and record labels

The dance music bubble exploded these past couple of years and the market turned into an over saturated battlefield where new ideas come and go and only the ones that dare the impossible make it over the top of the hill. Record labels come and go, artists arise and quickly reach the edge. It’s all due to innovation and the DIY,  which people created to ease up their work and save fortunes. With the help of DIY methodologies, today’s dance music industry got so distorted that it reached the heights of the 90s rock and roll era. The systematization factor ... Read more