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Large Scale Trials of MDMA Approved for Medical Treatment

That MDMA is not just a party drug we knew all along. But this week held a huge victory for those fighting for legalisation of drugs like MDMA, LSD and marijuana for the medical use. After a set of successful preliminary trial treatments, the DFA (Food and Drug Administration) is moving forward with a large scale study for using Ecstasy as prescription drug to cure post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore if the results are favorable, MDMA would be available to medical patients as early as 2021. The first six initial studies were treating 130 PTSD patients with MDMA, among whom – veterans, victims of sexual assault, police officers and firefighters. Patients on avergage ... Read more

Australians Set Out to Distribute Pill-testing Kits at Music Festivals

Harm reduction advocates have set out to distribute large numbers of free “legal” DIY drug-testing kits at the big Sydney festivals this upcoming summer festival season, despite the opposition from the government. While the Netherlands are expanding the work hours of the legal government funded centre for drug-testing, the Australian politicians, law enforcement, health officials and drug experts still continue to largely clash over the most ethical and effective drug-harm reduction solutions. As the southern hemisphere is heading towards the festival season, after several drug-related fatalities last summer, more tragedies might be expected if no means are taken. Thus the organisation Harm Reduction Advocates decided to carry out a “protest manoeuvre” involving distributing free ... Read more

Speed Is In The Water of Holland’s Small Towns

In a practice frequently used by the EU, several small towns throughout the Netherlands have began testing their waste water for insight into local drug habits. Interestingly, for a country with such prominent history of soft drugs and MDMA usage, it is actually Speed that pops up the most in rural areas. Back in March, the NRC checked the waste water of 8 towns in North and West Holland over the period of one week. The water was tested for cocaine, MDMA. cannabis, amphetamines and methamphetamine. “Speed is farmers cocaine…‘It is cheap and easy to get hold of. We are ... Read more

Ecstasy Use Surges Amongst Europe’s Youth Says 2016 Report

Well, it’s that time of year again: time for the annual European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction report on the drug habits of the continent. Though dense, the highlight of the report is surely the dramatic surge of ecstasy use, especially amongst people ages 15 – 34. In that demographic, some 2.1 million people have admitted to using the drug over the course of the past year, up by 300K from the year before. Additionally, it has been noted the MDMA/Ecstasy use is making its way out of its traditional haunts of nightclubs and, instead, used in “in ... Read more

MDMA Is A Step Closer To Legal Medicinal Use In USA

Over the past several months, the use of MDMA as a treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has circulated through the medical community. Now, despite the controversial nature of such a proposal, MDMA may be on its way to gain Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its medicinal qualities. For those who may not now, MDMA is the active ingredient in ecstasy and, in its purest form, has a history of psychoanalytic use. So far, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has been conducting studies using MDMA, specific to PTSD treatment, and are about to conclude the ... Read more

There’s Now A Website To Help You Through Your Bad Trip!

Yes, Yes, I know. It’s an article related to drugs but not necessarily related to dance music but sometimes in life things are presented for inexplicable reasons, and helping yourself through a bad trip is one of them. So, with that, I present to you Tripsit, a new website that aims to help people who may be experiencing the negative side of the psychedelic experience (aka thinking you may very well die). Self described as “a positive place for drug users to discuss safe substance use,” Tripsit provides easy to digest fact sheets and informational resources specifically designed to alleviate the onset ... Read more

Your Weekend Life-Saver: The Rave Shake

Photo credits: Cleo Campert Here’s a way to keep you dancing like Michael Jackson at your next rave or festival: The Rave Shake – a medicinally focused recipe that will keep you healthy and in line – so you won’t appear the all too familiar shivering zombie halfway into the party. By now, the usage of club drugs amongst partygoers comes as no surprise anymore. In which case, there’s been a greater focus on developing harm reduction programs that take preventative measures to reduce substance abuse amongst a population, rather than enforcing and policing to reduce abuse. In which case, we thought it might be interesting to ... Read more

Raving With Your Parents: What’s It Really Like?

“Me and my kids smoke a joint together sometimes” “Party with your friends at home, better in my house than on the street” “My mom gave me my first cigarette” While to some these phrases sound very familiar, others might remember struggling for that give away moment after a party of trying to get the key into the door of your parents house. Few months ago, a British mom, Nicola Austen, decided to buy £300 worth of cocaine and a limo to London as a birthday present for her daughter’s 18th birthday, and faced charges as a result. Sounds like ... Read more

Los Angeles Proposes Festival Ban Following Recent Deaths

Following the death of two female festival attendees at Los Angeles’ HARD Summer festival, a temporary ban on outdoor, public property held, festivals has been called for. The city of Los Angeles has held a task force on drug related incidents of this nature after the death of a teenage girl at the 2010 edition of Electric Daisy Carnival. At the time, EDC was a Los Angeles institution, however since being forced to its new Las Vegas home. The task force recommended a slew of overdose preventative measures added security, intense entry search, clear passageways for medical personnel, and free ... Read more

The Psychedelic World Of Drugs Under The Microscope

Dutch photographer Maurice Mikkers has been peering inside pills for about two years starting with the over-the-counter painkillers he took for three months after a surgery. Mikkers’ method includes a trinocular microscope, featuring two lenses to look through and a third for the camera (a Canon 5D Mark III), which takes a series of HDR detail images. Pills are crushed in a mortar, weighed out to specific amounts and dissolved it in water. Drops of the solution are placed on slides and allowed to crystalize. Mikkers has since moved on from over-the-counter medications to peer inside the likes of LSD, GHB, DMT, and 2CB. He’s also ... Read more

Experts Push For Legal MDMA In Australia

A Melbourne-based scientist and prominent doctor has called for Australia to manufacture and market pure legal MDMA in pharmacies with the aim to curtail the prevalence of contaminated pills, especially given the frequency of the drug’s use amongst the countries population. Pharmacist Joshua Donelly and leading doctor Professor David Penington have issued concern in the Journal of Law and Medicine about the number of Australians taking the drug, swallowing contaminated pills that put them at greater risk of harm. In order to attempt to reduce this, the pair recommends the Australian government should legalise MDMA, and regulate its production and sale through pharmacies. This would allow, amongst other things, pharmacists to advise “high ... Read more

Recovering From The Post-Festival Comedown?

For me, late March meant one thing and one thing only…Winter Music Conference. For the better part of a decade I made the annual trek to South Beach, having cashed in a years worth of loose change along with its tax refund, whether as fan or professional, the week was simply a must go. Traditionally we would arrive in Miami late Wednesday and last until the following Monday morning. Pre-event, however, these 5 days still required a certain amount of planning, the most important of which was how long of a work leave to request. When the time came to put in the request: ... Read more

The Amsterdam Ecstasy Shop Is Now Open

As we reported over the weekend, a pop up “ecstasy” shop opened in Amsterdam today, which was organised by the youth wing of the Young Democrats political party, D66. As promised, the event was largely about awareness with no actual MDMA products sold. Rather, placebo pills of various colours, “effects,” and prices were on the menu as fundraising for the organisation. “We want to regulate and legalise MDMA.  At this moment, half a million people in the Netherlands use ecstasy and it is all underground“, said Young Democrats International Officer Milan Asseis. “We don’t want to look the other way and ... Read more

World’s First MDMA Pop Up Shop To Open In Amsterdam

The youth wing of Dutch centrist political party D66, the Young Democrats have announced what is in their words, the “world’s first ecstasy-shop”, to be located in Amsterdam on Monday, 18 May. The detail-scarce pop up event’s primary objective is to raise public awareness surrounding issues of MDMA legalisation throughout the Netherlands. “We can prevent minors from buying, make sure there are no overdoses with pills, and educate people on ways to minimise the risks involved with ecstasy-usage,” the organization announced. The group has prominently referenced the three drug-related deaths which occurred at the 2014 edition of Amsterdam Dance Event, going on to voice concern about the general volatility in ... Read more

The Netherlands Has World’s Highest MDMA Percentage In Pills

Based on numbers from an exhaustive 10 year, 27,000 subject study between 2006-2014, it seems that The Netherlands holds rank as possessing the highest rates of MDMA found in its ecstasy pills, coming in at some 70.5%, topping the United States, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. The study was part of a five country analysis, published by Projectknow.com, which in turn was based on user generated content found on Pillreport.com.  According to the study, pills from each country were tested for their active ingredients, as well as any number of 30 pollutants.  For example, while Netherlands tops the poll, the flip side ... Read more