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Apps Of The Month: June 2016

From full artistic control of booking to a customized earprint, we take a look at some of the apps and updates of the month this past June 2016. This month it seems as though all applications only come in iOS versions. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past month were. MIDI Designer Pro 2 | iOS A major update to the original MIDI controller platform for iOS, MIDI Designer Pro 2 includes new features like a redesigned look,IAP with new control types: Image Panels, Pickers and Meters, and new Preset Packs. Mimi | ... Read more

Korg’s plugKEY Makes Production On The Go A Breeze

Designed for Producers constantly on the move (at this point, who isn’t), KORG has released plugKEY, a miniature widget plug. Featuring an audio input, MIDI input compatible for any keyboard or controller to use on iOS music applications, and a lightning connector, the widget is an “essentials-only” style device. Roughly the size of an iPhone, simply plug it in to iOS device and synth, and it can be taken anywhere. Designed for iPads and iPhones, plugKEY is the first accessory of it kind to feature all types of connectivity. Also, KORG has developed a handful of compatible (free) apps, specifically ... Read more

Make Music By Gesture With New MIDI Controller Glove

Already well on the way to its funding goal, Remidi is crowdfunding an interesting new product meant to create music by hand gestures via a wearable glove device. Something akin to the old Nintendo Power Glove, the US-based company’s T8 (“Touch” + 8 sensors) allows its wearer to record, remix, play, and perform music via its 8 internal pressure sensors. These sensors read movement and speed, adjusting effects like reverb, duration, tempo and pitch accordingly across any surface, including on the body or simply in space Compatible with everything from Ableton and FL Studio to Logic Pro X, the T8 ... Read more

Play Any Instrument In 3D With A Single Device

Samplers, effects and Midi Sequencers have been staples of electronic music production for years, but tapping is far from “playing”. PULSE, is a new hardware controller, who’s versatility may make it the future of music production and, most importantly, PLAYING. Lauched on Kickstarer last week, and debuted at Abbey Road studios Red Program, PULSE is a circular play surface that uses a number of sensors to let you interact with it many ways: bang it like a drum, play it like a synthesizer, or even float your hand over it like a theremin. PULSE even recognizes the type of drumstick ... Read more

Paper MIDI Controllers May Be On The Way

Britain’s Novalia specialises in the production of electronic music devices fashioned from unexpected surfaces, like paper. With a recent project, built as a collaboration between former physicist (and company founder) Kate Stone and Swedish musician Cornelia, the promising tech-branding company utilised conductive ink, capacitive touch and conventional electronics to provide a musical experience in a new format, combining science, design and music. When touched, Cornelia’s playable album poster plays its songs through a built in speaker, which includes volume control. In addition to the poster, the pair have also been working on a paper MIDI controller with full Ableton Live integration capabilities. The controller uses the poster’s technological framework, ... Read more

Make Music In Your Browser With Google Chrome Midi

As apps move further and further into the cloud, Google sees it as the next frontier for music production. With the latest Google Chrome update, MIDI support is now offered through the browser.  This update will allow anyone with a MIDI controller, to turn a website into a virtual instrument.  The update allows Google Chrome to scan for a MIDI device connected to a user’s computer and use that information to playback notes on a web-based synth. If you want to try out the feature now, then Web Audio MIDI Synthesizer (loosely based on the Moog Prodigy) is a good place to start. Find ... Read more