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DHA FM Mix #442 by Rollover DJs

Rollover DJs are the founders and resident DJs of the popular namesake party in Milan. The duo began their career playing at small clubs and private parties linked to the fashion scene, near and along the hip canals area of Milan. From word-of-mouth amongst the in-crowd, their parties gained popularity fast, and in the meantime the duo’s music also evolved, creating a unique disco/house mix with roots firmly in ‘70s funk, new wave, and Afrobeat. In 2016 they founded Apollo Milano, a new home for the Rollover brand, that combines a club, cocktail bar and restaurant, inspired by the Soho ... Read more

Premiere: Hunter/Game – Isolation (Original Mix)

Balance is key in the music of Hunter/Game. After releasing their debut album on Kompakt last year, the duo continue to refine their expressive yet subtly arranged sound with the “Dead Soul” EP, coming via their own Just This imprint. The vinyl only label was born in 2010 with Hunter/Game’s Milan-based party series of the same name and made their native city a compulsory stop for touring electronic artists. Now, with a stylistic approach that leans toward its owner’s, Just This (the label) aims for discerning dancefloors, influenced as much by the wild ambition of 80s electronic acts as by ... Read more