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Premiere: Lele Sacchi - Dreaming Won't Do (Original Mix)

Lele Sacchi is Oone of the icons of Italy’s electronic, house music scene, behind the decks since 1995 and still a driving force behind Milan’s clubbing scene. He as released music on labels such as Moodmusic, Soul Clap, Systematic, 20-20 Vision, Get Physical, Internasjonal and is still running Radio2 Inthemix on the national state FM RAI, while also having launched his own night ‘Iconic’ in 2017. Here, the “Dreaming Won’t Do’, off its eponymous EP, is a cheecky and charminig disco track with an infectious melody and a balearic touch, taking inspiration from italo disco. The piano line coming after ... Read more

Premiere: Portable Sunsets - Straylight (Dave DK Remix)

Dave DK has been making waves in the electronic music scene since the early 90’s. With releases on Kompakt, Pampa and Moodmusic, his discography and consistency are an example for both aspiring and established artists. Portable Sunsets now becomes part of Dave’s respectable catalogue of dusty techno and warm melodic house recordings – the German producer remixed ‘Believe’ and ‘Straylight’. “Dave DK Remixes” is available 19 January on Atomnation PRE ORDER

Interview: YokoO & Retza

The collaborative efforts between YokoO, Retza, and All Day I Dream have produced a slew of well received singles. As individuals, YokoO is no stranger to house music in all its deepest forms. With releases on highly regarded labels such as All Day I Dream, Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Kindisch, Get Physical, Moodmusic and Plastic City, he has marked out a spot for himself in the global house music scene with talent being sought after from every corner of the world. Retza has had the underground heads listening, talking and following for the past couple of years. With original and remix ... Read more

Premiere: Lorenzo Calvio – Brunando (Original Mix)

Since 2012, Lorenzo Calvio has made music an always present traveling companion in his life. In the years since, as a producer, Lorenzo has released on labels such as Moodmusic and Apparel, and his work has been remixed by artists such as Martin Patiño and Alexander Mayer, Andrea Arcangeli, John Monkman, Federico Grazzini, Asal, and Alan Banjo. Here, Lorenzo premieres the original off his forthcoming “Brunando” EP. The title track is a shadowy tune, with prying synths and sweeping filters, but also some cosmic melodies that add drama and colour. It’s a track full of wide open space so is ... Read more

DHA Mix #267 By YokoO

Spending much of his time pondering basslines and warm synth riffs that heat up dancefloors the world over, YokoO is no stranger to house music in all its deepest forms. With releases on highly regarded labels such as All Day I Dream, Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Kindisch, Get Physical, Moodmusic and Plastic City, the talented ambassador of sound has marked out a spot within the global house music scene with talent being sought after from every corner of the world, and has become a DHA favorite in the process. See also: Interview: YokoO Next month, YokoO will return to the sunny ... Read more

Interview: YokoO

YokoO is no stranger to house music in its deepest, most spiritual forms. He has released on highly regarded labels such as All Day I Dream, Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Kindisch, Get Physical, Moodmusic and Plastic City, turning the heads of artists such as Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge. As a DJ, he embraces the dance floor with a dynamic and honest approach. Next month, YokoO will return to the sunny beaches of St. Martin and re join the SXM Festival ranks. Here to give you an insight into his world is YokoO telling us about his experiences at the festival last year, his multicultural approach ... Read more

DHA Mix #260 By Peter Pardeike

After premiering the solo debut from Peter Pardeike last year to great acclaim, we thought it only natural to have the Cologne-based Producer back. The journey of Peter Pardeike began n the early 90s when he found himself in a club experiencing Jeff Mills. From that point on the fascination and massive energy of techno and house never let go! Next to his highly praised Innervisions work, Pardeike has also featured on the likes of Anjunadeep, Moodmusic, Extravaganza and on Diynamic’s 2DIY4. See also: Premiere: Peter Pardeike – Love Supreme (Original Mix) Today, Peter brings us a very special studio ... Read more

Premiere: E&P – Sundroina feat Jinadu (Original Mix)

Learning to distance yourself and reflecting on life, E&P premiere their new track “Sundroina” and it’s the perfect start to your Sunday.  Composed of Berliner Ed Ed and Petja Virikko, Sundroina is the new collaboration from the two producers. Last month Ed Ed delivered us a moving tech-house mix that sampled today’s premiere. The track has an airy feel to it which complements the warm vocals. The track was inspired by a break-up and reflects aspects of learning to let go of someone as well as understanding the difficulties to do so. Having recorded the track between dance hotspots London and ... Read more

DHA Mix #238 By ED ED

With a influence coming by way of Germany and Canada, the music of ED ED reflects clean lines, vibrant bass, and cool energy. Now based in Berlin, ED ED is now a multi faceted dance music ambassador, acting as DJ, Producer and Radio Host, but also as A&R for Moodmusic. His music has been released on the likes of Bedrock and Noir, while his energetic live sets create weaving stories of deep house with subtle stabs of techno. A favorite of DHA, ED ED now drops the 238th edition of our mixtape series. Download Soundcloud Artist Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/ed-ed-dha-mix-238″ comments=”true” ... Read more

Spiritual Concept, Gardens Of Babylon, Bring YokoO To Amsterdam

After many a dusty desert performance, master of eclectic house YokoO comes to Amsterdam this Friday, 7 October. Carrying on its ethos of music, mystic performance, and spirituality, the new Amsterdam concept Gardens of Babylon first fell in love with the sounds of YokoO somewhere between the Earth and the sky. Instantly gripping in both energy and sound, the All Day I Dream staple’s music, bridges the gap between music and meditation through his journey DJ sets, rollercoaster of a tour schedule, and a prolific release catalogue (Get Physical, Moodmusic, Plastic City, etc.). On the night, YokoO’s 5 hour journey will see ... Read more

Interview: Frankey & Sandrino

Frankey & Sandrino’s productions, DJ & Live sets snowball dance floors worldwide and fill them with epic moments. After their chance encounter at a Sandrino residency performance, the duo were drawn to each other’s mutual thirst for deep & melodic music, resulting in the launch of the Frankey & Sandrino project in 2010. Since then, their rise has been nothing short of meteoric, gathering accolades like Ibiza DJ Awards’ Track of the Season 2015 for their anthemic ‘Alcamar’ and releases on the likes of Innervisions, Moodmusic, and Drumpoet Community. Definitely no strangers to DHA, Frankey & Sandrino now prepare for ... Read more

Premiere: YokoO & Retza – Equuleus (Original Mix)

Featuring vocoded voices, soft dubby textures, and crisp house percussion – the French, Berlin-based DJ and Producer YokoO premieres an original off Lee Burridge’ All Day I Dream label. YokoO is no stranger to house music in its deeper forms. He has released on highly regarded labels such as All Day I Dream, Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Kindisch, Get Physical, Moodmusic and Plastic City, and turning the heads of artists such as Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge. As a DJ, he embraces the dance floor with a dynamic and honest approach, embracing warm melodies, heavy basslines, and pumping rhythms to take his audience beyond the ... Read more

Premiere: Landside – Chains (Axel Boman Remix)

Studio Barnhus comrade Axel Boman returns with a fresh remix of Landside’s Chains EP, a melting pot of dub vibes, breaking leads, and melancholic vocals. Landside is the collaboration between Italian producers Hunter/Game and the Icelandic band Kúra. Their two tracks ‘Chains’ and ‘Desert Lake’ were designed to take the listener through obscured paths of ‘a new world’, whereupon after moving through uncharted lands – the listener finds themselves experiencing a mirage of a desert lake. The idea draws from the deeper vibes and melancholic ambience of Kúraʼs reflective, often dubby moods, along with a groove reminiscent of Hunter/Game‘s dance-floor roots. See also: Interview Studio Barnhus Yet, premiering ... Read more

Premiere: ED ED – Starsign (Original Mix)

After his stellar Nunchi EP via Moodmusic label last year, ED ED is back at it again with his standout follow up, the Namaimo EP. ED ED aka Edmond Weinfeld is the Berlin based producer. He’s had a big single on Defected’s DFTD last year and also A&Rs for the Berlin-based Moodmusic label, and has also released on Noir, Bedrock and OFF. Featured on his Namaimo release are four cuts of absorbing house music which marks his most impressive work to date. His ‘Starsign’ track marries deep hitting drums with explosive melodies, blasts of frazzled synths, and plenty of colorful intergalactic soul.  Namaimo EP will be available May 27th ... Read more

Mix #154 By Sandrino

The latest instalment of our mix series comes from German DJ and Producer Sandrino. The chances are you have heard the name, when used in combination with his partner in crime, as Frankey & Sandrino but the former is also a force as an individual artist, which surely comes through here. Both, Frankey and Sandrino, have been active with electronic music for well over a decade now. While Franky is a schooled musician who had already released a string of LP’s and EP’s, Sandrino started his career in 2003 with a residency at Germany’s Butan Club. The duo of Frankey and Sandrino soon ... Read more