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Moog Releases Revolutionary App Of Iconic Minimoog Model D Synth

Based on Moog’s original analog designs for the first portable keyboard synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D App invites users to explore the fundamental elements of sound. Created by Moog exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, supporting any 64-bit iOS device to deliver advanced audio desktop-class performance on the go, while integrating seamlessly with mobile DAWs. New Functions Include: – ability to play chords of up to four notes at once, – an easy-to-use arpeggiator module for rhythmic pattern creation – a real time looping recorder with unlimited overdubs – a tempo-synchronizable stereo ping-pong delay module – the Bender — ... Read more

Classic Soviet Era Polivok Synth To Be Reissued

The Polivok was the Soviet Union’s favorite synthesizer and now the company behind its production then has lifted the veil on its impending reboot. Of course the completely hand made synth will be limited, with only 100 being made, but with 85% original Soviet components, Polivok promises the same kind of space age sounds the original made famous. Obviously, there will be some updates to the item as three decades passed tends to do. Now, it will also feature MIDI connectivity and a handy cyrlic translation on its underside. A staple of Soviet chic, the Polivok was the USSR’s answer ... Read more

New Interactive Rare Synth Museum To Open In Melbourne

A Melbourne not-for profit organization, Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MEES), will soon open, providing one-on-one experience with a slew of vintage synthesizers, which is being described as an interactive synth museum. Conceived and operated by artists Robin Fox (perhaps best known for  laser-orientated A/V) and Byron J Scullin (a prominent mixing and mastering technician) out of their North Melbourne studio, the duo claims they have “one of the most unique, eclectic and historically significant collections of electronic instruments in the world,” with a slew of vintage and rare Roland, Korg, EMS, Moog, Yamaha as well as super rare pieces like the Transaudio LaTrobe (3 were made, 2 reside ... Read more

Synth Geek Creates Miniature LEGO Versions Of Classic Moogs

Hardware freaks can unite behind a new project from a synth lover who has created two models of classic Moog synthesizers in miniature LEGO form. He has done so in an attempt to convince the famous toy manufacturer to actually start producing these ‘miniMoogs’, so that kids could play around with them and be triggered to an grow an interest in synths and music. Grobie87, the brain behind the project has already mocked up two models, ‘The Model D’ and ‘Voyager Old School’ that accurately depict how he sees LEGO creating the miniature Moogs. He further explains some of the reasons we should all ... Read more

Moog Unveils Its First Tabletop Semi-Modular Synthesizer

Moog, the iconic synthesizer with half a century of history, has unveiled a new synth that invokes its early days while also paying respect to the future of sound synthesis. Named the Mother-32, it is the companies first tabletop semi-modular synthesizer. It is an analog instrument, therefore able to add raw analog sound, sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem. Meticulously designed to provide artists with a diverse array of creative tools to inspire new music (including samples programmed by The Haxan Cloak), unique sound and endless sonic exploration, the Mother-32 will be available as a standalone unit and/or Eurorack ... Read more

Moog Music CEO Gives Full Company Ownership To Employees

“I’ve sold half the company”, is what factory employees of leading synthesizer brand Moog were told by CEO Michael Adams last week. For a staff known to be one of the most loyal across industries, this came as quite a shock. A sigh of relief followed when Adams continued “I sold it to you”, thereby officially announcing Moog Music, which was founded in 1953 by Robert Moog, to become an employee-owned business. Company staff will immediately own 49% of Moog Music, Adams explained, while the other 51% will be granted to Moog employees in the following six years. The New ... Read more