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We Are Your Friends, The Accurate Trailer

The first movie focusing on the EDM scene, starring Zac Efron, just got a little more authentic with this hilarious trailer recut. We already talked about how Hollywood thinks about the Electronic Music and since the announcement of ‘We Are Your Friends’ it seemed like the movie industry realised how much potential the $20 billion industry has. But while there are many great stories about the scene, Hollywood picked one up that seems rather dull on the first look. See also: So, What Does Hollywood Think About Electronic Music Anyway? The movie, named after the Justice track, is a romantic drama about the EDM and Hollywood nightlife scene, starring Zac Efron, ... Read more

Movie About Frankie Knuckles’ Life In The Making

Frankie Knuckles, the late ‘godfather of house’ who passed away last year at 59 years of age, will be be at the centre of a biopic that’s in the making, telling the lifestory of the Chicago artist. Producer Robert Teitel (of the “Barbershop” movies) will be producing the film, together with Joe Shanahan, Billy Dec and Randy Crumpton, all people heavily involved in Chicago’s nightlife circuit and closely connected to the DJ/producer who is the creator of such house music blueprints as “Baby Wants To Ride“, “Your Love” and “Whistle Song“ A director for the film has yet to be ... Read more