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RIAA: Streaming Now Officially Included For Calculation Of Record Sales

From vinyl to cassette, and from cd to the paid mp3: the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has always strived to keep up with technology in its documentation of record sales and effective awards considerations based on those sales. Now, in the age of convenience where playing your digitalised library via Apple Music and Spotify has become the norm, the RIAA has decided that streaming is also to be included for the determination of album sales and consequent platinum, gold or silver awards.  The RIAA released the news after Rihanna’s ANTI album went platinum following its downloadable release. Pitchfork reports that one single stream does not actually equal one sale. The way ... Read more

Free Music Streaming App Utilizes BitTorrent Search Engine

Described as “Popcorn Time for music”, Aurous is a new streaming service that utilises a decentralised BitTorrent search engine. With that, the app promises to offer all the music available on the internet at no cost. Aurous works by scanning archives of BitTorrent P2P sharing files, where the files are hosted by anonymous “seeders”. “The app itself is decentralized, nothing routes through any external servers for the primary features. Even if as a project, development stopped and we shut down our website, the app would still continue functioning without any problems. It can look through entire BitTorrent archives in milliseconds to get individual files,” said app ... Read more

Grooveshark Co-Founder (28) Found Dead At Home

Josh Greenberg, co-founder of the recently shut-down music streaming service Grooveshark, was found dead at his Gainesville, Florida apartment yesterday. Greenberg was 28 years old. The possibility of murder or suicide has been excluded by the local police force on Twitter. Greenberg’s death follows after a tumultuous ending to the Grooveshark story, and the murder of Grooveshark executive Eddy Vasquez, back in November 2013. Josh Greenberg was found dead at his apartment by his girlfriend with whom he lived together. Greenberg’s mother Lori had told local paper The Gainesville Sun that her son did not look as if he was ... Read more

Possible Plans For Music Videos Inside Your Facebook News Feed

Last week a rumour started spreading that Facebook was about to enter the market of music streaming services, merely a couple of days after Apple Music went live. Facebook denied the claims however, and made a statement saying it had no desire to begin a streaming service of its own. One insider has now told Billboard that Facebook has something in the works that could be seen as an attempt to enter Google territory. Billboard’s source disclosed information of the social media company having talks with record labels to discuss possibilities for them to natively post official music videos in ... Read more

So Should Apple Music Be Spotify’s Biggest Fear Now?

At Apple’s lavish World Wide Development Conference yesterday, the tech giant’s very own music streaming service was announced: Apple Music. The streaming service will be available from June 30th for all Apple users, while Microsoft and Android users will have to wait until fall; a subscription will cost you roughly ten bucks a month.    Apple’s obligatory blockbuster intro film The service promises a full, 360 music experience where users will not only be able to listen to the vast album catalog, but can also check out music videos, lyrics, and interact with artists in a number of ways via ... Read more