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Amsterdam Dance Events Announce 2017 Dates, International Showcases

From 18 – 22 October, 2017, the dance music world will once again convene in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). The announcement comes alongside news that ADE’s 22nd edition will also feature an expansion into Mumbai and the US, with February and March sessions, respectively. From 23-25 February, ADE will descend onto the Indian capital where it will host interactive Q&As with top artists, exclusive industry discussions, networking and speed dating sessions, strategy meetings, master classes and much more. March sees ADE touch down at the SXSW Music, Tech & Film Conference in the great American city of ... Read more

Who’s The Most “Popular” DJ? Settle The Debate Once & For All

Partly owned by Slovenian Techno veteran UMEK, Viberate analyses Facebook, Twitter, and Songkick, ranking artists, labels, and venues across four distinct categories. Those categories – LOVE, MUSIC, PARTY, RESPECT – are meant to provide hard quantified data analysis from billions of data points across the web to effectively rank electronic music figures by genre, territory and a range of other sub categories. Breaking down the specifics of each category: LOVE: Quantifies social media engagement. MUSIC: Measures the performance of music content across streaming channels and music stores for artists and record labels. PARTY: Analyses the influence of events on artists and ... Read more

This Easy To Use Synth For Two Makes Music Production Truly Social

Aimed at everyone (age 3-99), Dato DUO is a Dutch designed synth meant for two. With a gritty sounding synthesizer and a flashy sequencer, the easy to use synth is an approachable way for two to play and learn music together. The idea behind Dato DUO is for one person to play a melody on the sequencer while another adds sounds on the synth side with limited chance for error. By easy to use, the Dato Duo not only offers an easily navigable interface but also allows for any music to be played in key, using a pentatonic keyboard. As ... Read more

Editorial: Are Computers Instruments?

How many times have you had to defend your music taste in a bar to people who just do not understand dance music? I certainly have. I’ve heard people argue that DJ’s are not playing instruments. And truthfully, not all of them do. DJing is a different talent, one that us in this community admire; however, musicians of the old school rock and roll mentality resist this. Of course DJs and producers are not necessarily the same thing, many in this day and age are pressured to do both. In this way there is a growing musicality coming back into ... Read more

This Handy Tool Checks The REAL Quality Of Your Music Files

Music fanatics and DJs claiming to only (illegally) download music files in the highest quality possible can now put their money where their mouth is. Because the open source tool ‘Spek’ allows you to run a spectrum analysis on every music file type, to see the true quality of the file.  Let’s face it, most of our iTunes library consists of mp3s, as the they’re still considered to be the most convenient type of music file. But it’s also the lowest form of digital music, which sacrifices quality for size. For example WAV or FLAC (lossless audio) files benefits the listening experience much, much more. Still, whether the purists like it or ... Read more

“Music Makes You Better Person” Says Neuroscientist Erik Scherder

Professor in neuropsychology Erik Scherder gave a public lecture in Amsterdam last week to discuss his latest research regarding the effects of listening and making music on the workings of the brain. The conclusion: music, and especially making it yourself, improves the quality of your life and makes you a better person because of increased inner connections in the brain. Erik Scherder teaches at VU University in Amsterdam and researched the academic body of work focused on the link and effect of music on the human brain. ‘[Neurologist] Gottfried Schlaug proved that children who make music increase the connection between the hemispheres of the brain, which is incredibly ... Read more

Share Music On Instagram And Snapchat With ‘Sounds’

A French startup has recently developed a new app for music discovery, which also allows its users to share content via social networks, including Instagram. Now, one of the image centered social networks most used apps, SOUNDS has capitalized on the popularity of Instagram’s recent video sharing capabilities. By allowing users to share 15 second audio previews, SOUNDS provides the receiver album artwork, watermarked with a “Made with Sounds app” (eliminated for partnered organisations, like The Fader and Ed Banger Records). SOUNDs is available for sharing on other apps too, like Tinder, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but Instagram seems to ... Read more

Jeff Mills Unveils Complete ADE ‘Time Tunnel’ Details

Inspired by the American science fiction TV show “The Time Tunnel“, created by Irwin Allen in the 60’s, Detroit Techno music producer/DJ and conceptualist Jeff Mills has created a live sound, visual and dance music event series designed to pull the dancing audience back and forth in time through a simulated visual Time Machine to explore the past, present and future of Music. “Time Tunnel” is a visual, sound and performative odyssey based on a scientific approach – as yesterday’s music is analyzed in the aim of submitting its future possibilities. ” The Time Tunnel concept is based on music ... Read more

Spotify’s New Music Genres Are As Hipster As You’d Imagine

Electronic music is no stranger to the obscure sub genre, but Spotify’s list of its own created ones is truly a hipster sight to behold. Firstly, explaining the methodology behind the genres, Spotify says: “Spotify’s genres react to changes in music as they happen. Our music intelligence platform reads everything written about music on the web and listens to millions of new songs all the time to identify unique acoustic attributes. To create dynamic genres, we identify salient terms used to describe music (e.g., “math rock,” “IDM”, etc.), just as they start to appear. We then model genres as dynamic ... Read more

Five Must-See Dance Music Documentaries

With dance music embedded deeply in European society for over 2 decades now, it’s no surprise that the history and developments in the music, genres, and the various communities, subcultures and lifestyles as a result of those have been documented for all of us to enjoy – and to grow a better understanding of the origins and workings of what is a huge part in the lives of an ever-growing amount of people. For your viewing pleasure, we have selected five seminal dance music documentaries that will be just as relevant in fifty years time.  The Summer of Rave 1989 Documentary by the BBC on ... Read more

An Interactive World Map According To Musical Tastes

Spotify has unveiled a comprehensive, interactive world map breaking down musical tastes among a wide selection of geographic locations, big and small. When users click on a certain area of interest, Spotify will direct you to its respective playlist. The maps selection process is determined by what Spotify categorises as distinctive: “What do we mean by ‘distinctive?’ This is music that people in each city listen to quite a bit, which people in other cities also do not listen to very much. So it is, exactly, the music that makes them different from people everywhere else.“ Each playlist is updated twice per month, with ... Read more

Does Music Influence The Taste of Our Food?

It’s said that a person can have good taste in music but what about the taste of music?  According to Experimental psychologist Charles Spence and researchers at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford, “There may be implicit associations between taste and pitch. High pitched sounds are mainly associated with sweet and sour tasting foods while low pitched notes are more commonly paired with more bitter and umami tastes.” For example, one particular experiment found Spence inviting participants to taste two seemingly different samples of toffee, one while listening to high-pitched sounds, and the other, while listening to lower frequencies. Although the samples were ... Read more

Why You Can’t Get That Damn Song Out Of Your Head

Has this ever happened to you?  It’s Friday night and you’re at the hottest underground spot in [insert city name here].  Hot Since 82 is in the booth and, to no one’s surprise, killing it with one bomb after another. Then suddenly, BAM, he drops it, “Bigger Than Prince”.  This is one you know; the bass, the chorus.  It’s all so familiar.   Flash forward, later that week and you’re in the car, in traffic, going to work.  In between sips of coffee and cigarette drags, a note pops into your head, then a bassline, then “Walk around….“.  You think ... Read more

Oscars Special: Electronic Music In Cinema

In the wake of the annual gathering of Hollywood royalty known as the Academy Awards, we thought it would be fun to have a little Oscars special to look at a handful of films who have utilized electronic music as a prominent element in either setting, soundtrack or scene. In bypassing some of the usual electronic-centric fare like Groove, It’s All Gone Pete Tong and Berlin Calling; we instead look at selections from narrative and documentary that embody the sensory onslaught that is the scene we hold dear. With the highly anticipated release of Mia Hansen-Love’s Eden [https://www.facebook.com/eden.lefilm], hopefully later ... Read more

Buiten Westen Podcast #001 by Wankelmut

The first podcast out of a series we do in collaboration with buiten-westen. After a great first edition last year Buiten Westen wants to top themselves with the second edition that will take place on the 20th of July. A great line up with names such as, Huxley, Daniel Bortz, David August, Danny Daze, Clockwork, Maxxi Soundsystem and many more this party is going to be one to remember! Next to the massive line up, Buiten Westen also takes care of our foodies. Great food concepts with exceptional thought put into tasty and healthy meals. What more do we want? ... Read more