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David Bowie’s Ashes Weren’t Scattered Across Burning Man After All

Several media had picked up the “news” that, in a 70 person ceremony that went down yesterday in the Nevada desert, music legend David Bowie had his ashes scattered. Originally stated as, given permission from his widow, Iman, Bowie’s ashes were said to have been scattered across the desert by his god children, while attendees painted their faces with his trademark lightning bolt. The event was said to have been held at The Temple, which is a massive structure meant to memorialise loved ones. On why Burning Man, a source close to Bowie’s family told E!: “David’s godchild and David ... Read more

Burning Man To Host Year Round Events After Purchasing New Land

The (non profit) organization behind the annual Burning man event in Nevada has recently purchased a $6 million ranch property, intent on establishing it as a “permanent settlement” for burners, artists and other creatives. Set over 3,800 acres in Northwest Nevada, the groups exact plans for the “Fly Ranch” remain vague, but hint at the ability to harness time beyond the week of its Black Rock City couterpart. “Fly Ranch is a much smaller space [than Black Rock City], but with potential year-round access, it offers the gift of time,” the group has said “Eventually we’ll be able to create more opportunities spread ... Read more

Nevada Police Promise Arrests At Burning Man

With Burning Man rapidly approaching, the Nevada State Sheriff department has issued a disturbing warning to festival goers in the form of an arrest promise. With a new Sheriff in town, the Pershing County authorities are determined to punish “non-violent” crime en masse. In a conversation with the Associated Press, Sheriff Jerry Allen said, “We don’t have the personnel to issue citations to 70,000 naked people on the playa, but we will be upholding the law to the best of our ability.” In previous years, former sheriff Richard Machado was known to employ a hands off approach to the festival, ... Read more