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Premiere: Dailey & Trevor Oslo - Love Tonight ( Sandboards Remix)

Hailing from New Zealand, Sandboards are two producers whose sound is gives a nod to the classic house era whilst keeping one foot very firmly in the modern. The duo was the first to release on the Feel My Bicep aside from the label heads, which comes after their hugely successful release on Krystal Klear’s Cold Tonic earlier in the year. Now, Sandboards, bring their hand at taking the original of Dailey & Trevor Oslo’s ‘Love Tonight’ out of the bedroom and onto the festival stage. They delivered in a big way with an epic remix full of their signature ... Read more

Massive Collection Of Vintage Era Boomboxes Now On Auction

Boomboxes aka “Ghettoblasters” were a staple of 70s-90s urban culture, ubiquitous in every scene from rock n roll and disco to breakdance and soul.  Though technically never “portable,” the huge, cassette/radio hosting, the we-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude they elicited simply meant obnoxious volumes, preferably in residential neighborhoods, on the shoulders of those definitely not in suits. Now, a New Zealand based collector is auctioning off a massive collection of vintage era boomboxes as a complete set. One that may very well be the world’s best. The asking price? $20,000NZ or $14,000US. Check out the images of the full collection below, featuring models such as sharp gf-1000, lasonic ... Read more