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Premiere: Opal Sunn - Phantom [Touch From A Distance]

Opal Sunn are Hiroaki Oba and Al Kassian, two expats from Japan. After releasing two EOs on their own Planet Sundae label, they offer their follow up on Nick Höppner’s new label, Touch From a Distance where they continue to refine their style which displays and exquisite sense of space, melody, movement, and groove. Here, off the “Parallax” EP, ‘Phantom’, favors an Electro beat occasionally kissed by the legendary “Think” break. The vibe is decidedly deep and mellow rounding off an EP which oozes understated confidence and longevity. “Parallax” is available 12 October on Touch From a Distance

DHA Mix #379 By Opal Sunn

Opal Sunn showcase a sensitive approach to dance music by working with multiple layers to create intricate and highly empathetic musical landscapes in the studio and on the stage. The pair have found their position in the current climate, forming themselves a cult following while gaining the stamp of approval from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, DJ Sprinkles, and Nick Höppner,, with their two part double EP for their own imprint, Planet Sundae. When heard live, an Opal Sunn set is a blurred, heavily improvised, reflection of their studio production – energetic percussion and sequence travelling acid basslines, flooded with ... Read more