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[Interview] The Global Creative Footprint Of Mirik Milan

Mirik Milan, Amsterdam’s former Night Mayor and longtime creative director of some of the city’s most celebrated events, has been an ambassador the the culture and importance of nightlife for some 15+ years. Amongst his many accomplishments, Mirik can list the multi-venue Nacht voor de Nacht, a revamp of the once trouble Rembrandtplein district, and tireless efforts for gender equality with initiatives like Chicks on a Mission, amongst a slew of other forward thinking, nightlife and cultural based initiatives. Now, Mirik has assumed a new role, where in 2017 alone he gave over 25 international talks to city governments and ... Read more

These 11 Artists Fuse High Art With Nightlife

All over the world, the mediums of high art and nightlife are fusing together like never before. Highlighting any and every scene, genre, and sub section of the industry, from underground fetishists to anthemic trance, the digital space has allowed for the kind of multi sensory presentation necessary for an effective nightlife capture. Here, 11 artists have been highlighted by Electronic Beats who, over the years, have utilized their own respective artistic mediums in ways that have allowed for the world on the dancefloor to “belong” in the world of the gallery. From notorious NYC club kid Michael Alig‘s paintings ... Read more

Emerging Markets: Malta

Resting dormant within the faults of the Mediterranean nightlife circuit is the greatly untapped market of Malta. If you’re in the midst of booking flights to the next rave oasis or looking for a haven to resurrect your dreams as an aspiring artist – you might want to lock yourself in. With its’ unique locality, culture and growing connection to the international community, Malta is becoming a hotspot for wind surfers, music professionals, artists, world-class Scuba instructors, culturally-enthused explorers, and beach ravers alike. The country’s airport has even recently earned the title of ‘most scenic airport approach.’ Comprised as a ... Read more