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Out of the Ordinary with Andhim

Their reputation is questionable, their music is ‘super house’ and their career has been pretty impressive so far, to say the least. Meet Andhim, two Cologne natives with a talent for creating the unconventional in electronic music. They found some time in their schedule to have a cozy heart-to-heart about a variety of subjects: favourite toys, sextapes and their upcoming gig at Pleinvrees coming friday.  I love my “Princie Diamond” (35 Karat). It is fun to play with it, throw it after the domestic staff or use it as a paperweight Hi Guys! So which one of you has the ... Read more

Out of the ordinary with Thugfucker

Do you also find yourself bored sometimes after reading just a couple lines of text and loosing your focus, wondering what you just have read? Today we start with a new series of interviews, called: Out of the ordinary, which is about fun, craziness but also some serious stuff in between. At Welcome to the Future we had the opportunity to do such an interview with Thugfucker. Having read some of their previous interviews, I didn’t really know what to expect, seeing how every answer they gave seemed more bizarre than the one before. Luckily, this interview would be no exception. After ... Read more