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Paradise Garage To Be Honored In New Film

A movie about seminal New York City club and Larry Levan is now in production. The film will be Written and Directed by Jonathan Ullman (Trouble in the Heights) and is simply called Paradise Garage. Previously, Ullman directed a 15 minute short film on the space, which you can see below. In the film, the part of Levan will be played by British actor Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, while staff member Joey Lanos (also a consultant on the film) will be played by Rayniel Rufino. Of the project, Ullman states: “The stories of The Garage speak volumes about the human spirit…how people ... Read more

Back To The Roots With Boogie’s Reigning King

Waving his curls to the beat after his own performance, Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble) stood at the front row of a crowd already hypnotised by the “feel good” vibes of music. I asked him, how did the idea of inviting a live performer from the 80s on the day of his curations at Nuits Sonores – one of the major electronic music festivals in France – come up: “This is where it all started, these are the roots! That is what inspired why and what I play right now!”. Leaping between soul, R&B and funk, no doubt, played by Ron Hardy, ... Read more

A Mixtape Tribute To Larry Levan And Paradise Garage

Larry Levan is an undisputable dance music God whose importance cannot be underestimated. Synonymous with creatively-original and emotionally-charged DJ sets at revered NYC club the Paradise Garage, the curatorship of Larry Levan’ sets became known as a genre in itself. This provided the earliest definition of what is now known as garage – the characteristics of which can still be heard in the genre to this day. Now, the quintessential Larry Levan compilation, “Genius of Time” captures this cultural figure as the prolific producer and remixer he was, while also being a joy to hear, bursting with full-blooded, timeless and ... Read more

Why You Need To Follow The “Paradise Garage Bot” Twitter Account

Fans of disco, early house and synth funk need not look further to get their groove on , as there’s a now a twitter account,  that posts tracks known from the hay day of legendary Manhatten nightclub Paradise Garage. The Paradise Garage Bot, which is linked to a mysterious online Japanese publication named Drummatrix, posts tracks every half hour on a daily basis, with the latest tweets linking to gems such as Curtis Mayfield – What Is My Woman For?, Sheila & B. Devotion – Spacer, Loose Joints – Tell You (Today), Cerrone – Take Me, and of course Emergency’s classic and Garage anthem Chemise – She ... Read more

The Definitive Larry Levan Compilation Is Here

Larry Levan’s influence across the spectrum of dance music is instrumental. From Paradise Garage to seminal house producer, Levan’s legacy permeates throughout dance music, from your favorite DJs “best of” lists to any and all “pioneer” conversation. Now, Universal has compiled “Genius of Time,” with 22 of Levan’s best productions and remixes. Packed with cuts like Gwen Guthrie’s ‘Padlock’ and Smokey Robinson’s ‘And I Don’t Love You’, alongside edits of Grace Jones, Central Line and Loose Joints, the album will be available on 25 March. Pre order HERE CD1 1 NYC Peech Boys – “Life Is Something Special (Special Edition)” ... Read more

Techno For Humanity: What The World Can Learn From Dance Music

Thursday, September 17, marks an important day in the dance music calendar. No, it’s not the kick off to Winter Music Conference, ADE or BPM, but rather the day the dance music community came together in humanity and compassion to bring awareness to one of the most pressing human stories of our day. Antwerp, Belgium’s club IKON will host a 3 room electronic music exclusive event, with some of the world’s leading artists in the field. Names like Mathias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace, Guti, Heidi, Butch, and more will bring their talents (and hearts) to the European port city for the one-off awareness fundraiser, aimed at bringing the ... Read more

Rare 1989 Video Interview With Larry Levan

“You can’t dance to decoration [in a club]. You’re selling music. Not mirrors and paint” The “Jimi Hendrix of the turntables”, “prototype resident” and “worshipped like a god” by his audience and colleagues. There’s never been a shortage of superlatives to describe the late and great Larry Levan. The decade-long resident of clubland’s ground zero, Paradise Garage, is still widely regarded as a prime example of all the right things a true DJ should entail. Specifically his cross-disciplinary take on sets, where he was the first to combine post-disco with other sounds, like early house, to Kraftwerk and British synth-pop. ... Read more

Dance Scene Shows Overwhelming Support For Gay Community And Inclusion

The damage is done. So we’re not going to talk about the artist that has circulated all over the internet today. What was perhaps even more remarkable than the story itself, however, was the unwavering support the gay community received from artists and music fans alike; setting the record straight once and for all that dance music is inextricably connected to the gay community and is founded on inclusion and respect for one another. We couldn’t explain this relation better than this RA article has – a must for everyone interested in the roots of dance music culture. Instead of ... Read more

Pete Tong Calls For Global Appreciation Of Electronic Music Legacy

Last Friday, 10 April 2015, veteran DJ and host of long-running dance music radio programme The Essential Mix (amongst others), Pete Tong, penned an interesting opinion editorial in Billboard magazine.  In it, Tong (writing for a primarily American audience) highlighted the rapid rise of Electronic Music, particularly within a “mainstream” acceptance context. With that, Tong also points out how the scene is quintessential toward the millennial generation’s accessibility to technology, digitization, and (perhaps, most importantly) global interconnectivity.  Furthermore, the question was raised: What will the newfound global popularity of Electronic Music ultimately leave behind, beyond simply the music and events? Pete ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Olaf Boswijk (Trouw)

Pictures: Thierry Vrakking (Television Photography) You might not realize it every day, but the disappearance of an institution in the club scene is drawing nearer and nearer. From January 2015, Trouw is no more. As the Amsterdam crowd, loyal fan base and curious tourists are still indulging in every single night that the venue still has to offer, I went to visit the club on a weekday afternoon to talk to the club’s founder and co-owner Olaf Boswijk. Trouw needs no introduction at this point in time. The acclaimed venue on the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam has been a second home ... Read more

Documentary: ‘Maestro’ – the Birth of Dance Music Culture

Maestro, tells the story of how a group of people found refuge and a call for life outside the mainstream in New York City. What evolved was a scene that set the groundwork for what was to come in dance music culture later, starting first with House and later Techno. Maestro gives a rare insight into those secret underground beginnings, which thirty years later has grown into a huge worldwide industry. It’s the first time the genesis of electronic dance music is told  in a motion picture. Included in the film are pioneer dance music DJs and producers, “founding fathers”, ... Read more