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Premiere: Sigward - Vertical River (Original Mix) [SoHaSo]

Something Happening Somewhere [SoHaSo] returns with a new collection of stories unified under the brand new NOWHERE compilation series. Set to be released as a twelve track V/A containing a myriad of fresh sounds from the likes of Quince, Tracey, Sigward, Patlac, Love Over Entropy & Pete Blaker, Kiani & His Legion and Fader From Borneo. Here, Sigward sails towards an unknown destination with ‘Vertical River’. “NOWHERE01” is available 9 April on SoHaSo

Premiere: Patlac – Velox (Mathias Schober’s ‘SHOW B’ Polished Version)

Having caught the vinyl virus at a quite early age Mathias Schober a.k.a SHOW-B is one of these types which have been growing up in recordstores rather than in local playgrounds, preferring backspins to backflips and scratched records to grazed legs. Listening to his releases throughout the last years it becomes evident that SHOW-B’s vision on House is about to stand the test of time. He’s able to fuse classic elements, crisp kick drums and motor city references with a warm, contemporary twist, serving a timeless menu for musical afficionados and DJ’s alike. Today, Mathias brings one of two remixes ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Patlac

“I started with techno music from labels like Tresor, Kanzleramt, Müller. I think it was a little rebellious, because a lot of the kids listened to some more pop music and I wanted to be different. Now I think how stupid it actually is, the attitude that my taste is the best, but back then it was cool.” Patrick Müller aka Patlac is a DJ/Producer from Hamburg. Originally from a small village in North Germany, he now resides in the country’s second biggest city, known for its harbour, St. Pauli district and of course quality deep house music. Although he ... Read more

Subjekt Podcast #006 By Jonas Saalbach

With his first release on Einmusika Recordings this Berlin resident has embarked on a journey to new influences and old passions. Jonas Saalbach is also getting known for his refreshing live sets, through which he portrays his dark and deep musical preference.  For the Amsterdam-based Subjekt Recordings, the upcoming artist has created a cool mix full of melodic twists and turns and edgy bass lines. In its one-year history, Subjekt recordings had made an impact by delivering future-minded releases that tingle the mind through their hypnotic, often moody grooves. Such typical atmospheres have so far been proclaimed on the label ... Read more

Subjekt Podcast #003 By Patlac

After disCerN and Stefan Z, Subjekt Recordings has brought another striking artist to our attention. Like his predecessors he too helps to push electronic music into the future. His mix is a 90-minute soundscape built out of cosmic, celestial harmonies, driving rhythms and basslines that give you instant goosebumps. Get ready for Patlac. Patrick Müller, aka Patlac, is a German-born and -based artist. His journey into the world of electronic music began at an early age. After taking the first curious steps as a DJ he soon realized the emotional landscape of the dancefloor was a place of mutual listening ... Read more