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[Gallery] Berghain’s Sven Shoots New Men’s Fashion Campaign

I’ll spare you the generic Berghain and Sven Marquadt introduction here and just say the tattooed doorman has photographed his most recent fahsion campaign. His first since 2014, where his photography was displayed on T-Shirts by Hugo Boss, this time the collection is high tech men’s socks from ITEM m6. As you can see in the gallery below, there is a boxing theme going on here, with Marquadt explaining, “I was inspired by boxing matches, which represent masculinity, victory, pride, but also vulnerability and something rebellious. With this idea in mind, we selected our models, men who know the boxing ... Read more

This Could Be The Most Comprehensive Gallery Of 90s Era Rave Photography, Ever

While working as in-house photographer for iconic 90s dance music magazine Frontpage, photographer Tilman Brembs was able to capture nearly a decade’s worth of parties, from Berlin to Hong Kong, Las Vegas to Tokyo. Shot on glorious 35mm, Brembs 20,000+ photograph archives of 90s era rave culture features DJs like Carl Cox, Goldie, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Armand Van Helden, and Boy George, as well as a host of the world’s first and quite possibly best dance events like Mayday, Tresor and Love Parade. Of course, the beating heart of Tilman Bends’ is his chronicling of those who made the ... Read more

These Animated Photographs Of Burning Man Are Works Of Art

Ari Fararooy made his second trip down to Burning Man last year and documented the supposedly life-changing¬†festival in Black Rock, Nevada. After watching the photos he made, Fararooy decided he wanted to bring them to life through digital animation techniques, trying to illustrate his surreal experiences at the festival.¬†And the results are pretty incredible. [vimeo id=”154562935″ width=”620″ height=”360″] Source: Ari Fararooy

Celebrate The Conflicted Legacy of Detroit With Huge New Photo Book

The end of March sees the publishing of an exciting new photography book, celebrating the history and legacy off all things Detroit. Entitled, 313ONELOVE, the 313 page book from Berlin photographer Marie Staggat includes over 170 portraits, interviews, quotes drawings, and “a string of profound stories,” from the likes of Detroit legends Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Mike Huckaby, Robert Hood, Moodymann, Stacey Hale, Luke Hess, as well as Underground Resistance, Cahrivari, and Detroit Techno Militia mainstays. With a European launch at Tresor, as well as at Detroit’s Museum of Contemprary Art in May, the book looks to document the “tools” ... Read more

Photos Emerge Of Berghain’s Creatures Of The Night

Two years ago, photographers Vincent Voiginer and Barbara Bernardi set out to document revellers at the infamous techno chapel Berghain. With the club’s notoriously strict no camera policy (not to mention, it’s equally strict door policy), such a project would actually be much more difficult than it sounds. So, what the duo queued clubbers in all states of (dis)repair on their way out, posing against a chain link backdrop where, hours (perhaps days) earlier, they had been in queue anticipating their possible attendance. The project, which is entitled Nachtgestalten (aka Creatures of the Night), is a documentary essay, with the ... Read more

These Photos Show The All-Night Metro Is A Culture All Its Own

As a former resident of New York City, one of its biggest assets has to be the 24 hour nature of its metro system. Long days turn into longer nights in the infamous “city that never sleeps”, creating an all night metro culture all its own; far away from bustling dancefloors, but rather on its subway platforms, elevated and subterranean. Amsterdam, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired in its nighttime metro accessibility. Sure, there are night buses, but with their expense, less than stellar scheduling, and cramped nature, their culture can simply be described as “get me ... Read more