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British Police Warn Of Dangerous XTC Pill After Recent Death

British police forces have issued a warning of deadly XTC pill after one 45-year-old English man lost his life recently. Authorities fear the pill has  been shipped into the country by the thousands. Clubbers have been instructed to be vigilant when purchasing party drugs. See also: Six More Hospitalised In UK After Taking Dangerous UPS Pill Britain has been terrorised by bad pills for a longer period of time, but one police insider described the effects of the turquoise pills shaped like a shield as extraordinarily dangerous. The constable stated that: “Tests are being done on the recovered tablets at ... Read more

A Hard Pill to Swallow: “The Agony of Ecstasy”

Adding to the debate on drugs that seems so often to revolve around dance culture, the Australian broadcaster ABC2 has released a new documentary: The Agony of Ecstasy. Named after Irving Stone’s postmodern 1961 biography of Michelangelo, the film tracks Lise, a 28-year old former raver, as she explores the impacts of two years of weekly ecstasy use. Pondering her current battles with mental illness, it gives voice to a human dilemma rarely heard over the fear mongering and denialism that so often dominates the debate on drugs. Beyond that, it explores an important issue that deserves further attention. We ... Read more