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Pioneer DJ’s Surprisingly Compact All-In-One Solution

Late June, Pioneer DJ launched the DDJ-400. DHA got the opportunity to test drive it extensively. The DDJ-400 is the Rekordbox powered successor to the DDJ-RB. Thoroughly changing up not only what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside as well, for a surprisingly compact all-in-one solution. One thing that immediately stood out to us, is that the new DDJ-400 layout is inspired by that of a ‘standard’ set of CDJ’s and a DJM. Functions like the tempo slider and the Auto-Loop are now in the same place as they would be on a NXS2 club set. Even subtle ... Read more

Watch Point Blank Music School’s Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up Your DJ Equipment

So you’ve bought your first set of decks, or maybe you’ve finally upgraded your equipment or even just added some CDJs for the first time… happy days! Of course, now you have to set them all up, and despite Pioneer’s continued commitment to making their tools as easy to use as possible, to get the most of out of your new toys you need to set them up properly. Luckily Point Blank’s lead DJ instructor Ben Bristow is on hand to show you both the basics and a few tricks to fully optimize your set-up. NB: Though he is using ... Read more

Pioneer DJ Radio Returns To ADE With Eats Everything, Jon1st, And More

ADE is one of the most important platforms for electronic dance music in the world, attracting 5,000 music industry professionals from over 100 countries. During the day you can join debates, panels, Q&As, workshops and hands-on demonstrations by important players in the dance industry. At night the city attracts the best of the international dance culture to the ADE festival featuring DJs and artists from around the globe. Pioneer DJ will be at Vlaams Cultuurhuis, De Brakke Grond, with two epic DJsounds shows. On Thursday from 5pm to see the world-DMC-title-winning turntablist Jon1st put our PLX-1000s through their paces in ... Read more

Pioneer Releases Mysterious Teaser For New Product

Pioneer is shaking up the world of DJ gear again by teasing a mysterious new product yesterday. The one-minute long video, titles ‘Prepare For Battle’, shows hints of the product flashing by, with a voice over stating it’s like ‘the 909 on super steroids’. No further details have yet been given, although the title allows to presume that the video announcement is concerning a new battle mixer. Battle mixers often include only two channels with extra firm faders that allow for heavy scratching and beat juggling. Keep an eye out on Pioneer DJ to hear what exactly they have in ... Read more