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Pioneer DJ’s Surprisingly Compact All-In-One Solution

Late June, Pioneer DJ launched the DDJ-400. DHA got the opportunity to test drive it extensively. The DDJ-400 is the Rekordbox powered successor to the DDJ-RB. Thoroughly changing up not only what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside as well, for a surprisingly compact all-in-one solution. One thing that immediately stood out to us, is that the new DDJ-400 layout is inspired by that of a ‘standard’ set of CDJ’s and a DJM. Functions like the tempo slider and the Auto-Loop are now in the same place as they would be on a NXS2 club set. Even subtle ... Read more

Claude VonStroke Named “America’s Best DJ”

With all the drama surrounding DJ Mag’s list and the legitimate excitement of RA, it’s often easy to forget that DJ Times and Pioneer also have their annual “Best DJ” list in the form of “America’s Best DJ”. Whatever you may think of rankings and lists, they at least hold a marketing relevance, allowing the “voted xxx best DJ in xxx” tags so often seen. Based on fan votes, this years list, once again, ranks the favorite DJs in the infamously EDM loving US market. See also: Dirtybird Campout Drops Second Phase And We’re Officially Excited So, in 2016, coming ... Read more

Amsterdam Police Recover Load Of Stolen DJ Equipment

On Tuesday, Netherlands police raided an Amsterdam home finding, amongst other things, a slew of stolen DJ equipment like CDJs and Pioneer mixers. The theft, perpetrated by a Dutch couple, yielded thousands of Euros worth of stolen DJ equipment, that was traced back to thefts in Belgium. Additionally, items like laptops, mobile phones, Apple products, cameras, professional sound and lighting equipment, a professional printer, a 3D printer and external hard drives, were also found in the raid. As the majority of the equipment was found to be stolen from locations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, perhaps the serial number removing tool may be the most ... Read more

Pioneer Announces First iPad Effects Unit

Back in 2012, Pioneer released the RMX-1000 DJ Effects unit, which allowed DJs a multitude of effects and sample possibilities for their sets. Becoming an instantly popular piece of hardware, Pioneer has now announced that the RMX-1000 will come to the iPad with a nearly identical look to its non-digital brother. Drawing audio from a users ITunes Library, and compatible with Garageband, as well as a host of iPad synths and drum machines, the RMX-1000 seeks to be more of a tool for production than live performance emulating the hardware to deliver touchscreen control of Scene FX, Isolate FX, X-PAD ... Read more

STEMS Supported 8-Deck Mixing Is Now A Reality

For the DJ who dreams of digitally spinning on 8 decks with full STEMS support, your time is now. Speaking in analogue terms, DJing has long been a 2 turntable affair with some notable exceptions coming in the form of 3 or 4 deck mixing by the likes of Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, etc, while its digital counterpart largely centers around 4 deck mixing. But, now, Mixed in Key has released the Flow 8 and, as the name suggests, users are able to mix 8 audio tracks on its digital interface. This is the first time such capability has been offered ... Read more

Pioneer Introduces New Flagship Headphone

Pioneer is set to introduce a brand new headphone to its extensive DJ gear line. The HDJ-700 is supposed to be a real DJ’s headphone, designed with the intention of being functional in a wide range of situations, from club mixing to home listening.  The HDJ-700, which is to be released in October, comes in a “sleek, lightweight aluminium design”. Regarding sound, the new headphone produces a “crisp and clear sound that’s engineered to strongly reproduce low and mid-level frequencies.” Accurate monitoring Optimised for dance music, the HDJ-700 has narrow ear pads and 40 mm driver units with rare earth magnets that provide “a ... Read more

Numark Rolls Out An Affordable, Technics Inspired New Turntable

With a platter, layout and S-shaped tonearm nearly identical in design to those of the no-longer-in-production Technics SL1200, Numark has unveiled their latest turntable, the TT250USB. Described as a “top-flight” piece of gear by the company, it’s affordable €279,00 (suggested) price tag will not pain the wallet as much as a vintage Technics or the, similar styled, Pioneer PLX-1000. According to Numark, the TT250USB’s quartz-controlled motor delivers virtually perfect speed accuracy when playing back records, and its high-torque motor and heavy cast-aluminum platter provide the ideal amount of resistance and feel for scratching effects. “This is the ideal turntable for demanding turntablists,” said Numark Marketing Manager, Karl ... Read more

Pioneer Releases Mysterious Teaser For New Product

Pioneer is shaking up the world of DJ gear again by teasing a mysterious new product yesterday. The one-minute long video, titles ‘Prepare For Battle’, shows hints of the product flashing by, with a voice over stating it’s like ‘the 909 on super steroids’. No further details have yet been given, although the title allows to presume that the video announcement is concerning a new battle mixer. Battle mixers often include only two channels with extra firm faders that allow for heavy scratching and beat juggling. Keep an eye out on Pioneer DJ to hear what exactly they have in ... Read more

Pioneer’s Newest Flagship Headphones Enter The Hi-End Market

Pioneer has long been known for the quality of their products, especially the top-of-the-line DJ headphones that frequently enter the “industry standard” conversation. With the release of their latest pair, the 5 year in the making SE-MASTER1, the Japanese gear company throws its hat into the high end headphone arena. As a company with an extensive history of audio equipment ranging from low end to high end, Pioneer seeks to alter the audiophile headphone market with their latest creation. The SE-MASTER1‘s development took over five years to complete, which is quite some time for a single product development. Still though, it can be said that Pioneer has been developing the SE-Master 1 ... Read more

In-Depth With The Possibilities Of Pioneer’s Kuvo System

After intense global speculation we finally saw Pioneer introducing its newest piece of gear, Kuvo, to the public during ADE. Their new invention is meant to be hooked up to every club’s DJ setup if it were up to them. Opinions on the Kuvo device have been divisive from day one, and Pioneer has made many media appearances to counter-attack any bad press on what exactly this little machine can and will do in the future. Let’s take a look at Kuvo, and what it can achieve in the future. For those not yet familiar with the function of the ... Read more

Gear: Pioneer Reveals New HDJ-C70 Headphones

Pioneer have just announced a brand new model in their long-running lineage of headphones. It’s called the HDJ-C70 and is directed at professional DJs. The on-ear phones (which have a frequency response of 7Hz – 32,000Hz) have excellent sound isolation through a number of features, one of which is the soundproofing component: an air chamber established in the housing part that reduces sound influx from the outside. According to Pioneer this has great positive effect on monitoring in the ever-loud DJ booth in a club. The HDJ-C70’s frequency response is 7Hz – 32,000Hz. The material is a mix of highly ... Read more

Pioneer Goes Back To Basics New Turntable PLX-1000

Pioneer already teased us a while back, but now it’s official: the company best known for thier advanced CDJs is going back to basics with a brand new turntable called the PLX-1000. The direct-drive turntable is fully analogue and has a basic set of knobs to keep that old-school feel to the piece of gear that has been making a comeback in recent years. It has start/stop and tempo controls on one side and a tempo fader on the other, that’s it. The tempo controls are perhaps a bit different than you’d expect, especially when comparing it to the legendary ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with PBR Streetgang

The name of this Leeds based duo, PBR Streetgang, is a reference to a late 70’s American war movie by the name of Apocalypse Now. Their interest in the 70’s can be clearly heard in their music as well. Disco and other early forms of house make up most of their productions and DJ sets. When they earned an Ibiza residence at We Love Space in 2010, they found themselves taking giant steps in their careers and they have not slowed down since. “If we told you that it would spoil the magic. seriously though we can’t say, it could ... Read more