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Making Magic: Manifesting Burning Man & Beyond

I believe in magic again. I wrote that in capitol letters in the bottom of my journal entry my last morning at Burning Man. My heart was full of joy in a way I have not experienced before in my life. For eight days I was surrounded by art, culture, conversation, friendship, and curiosity. I’d been to many festivals and I’ve never experienced a more engaged and immersive environment than Black Rock City. On my last day I was excited to return to my home in Los Angeles and take the lessons I had learned into the world. See, I ... Read more

Burning Man Troubled By Insect Plague

Last year Burning Man was flooded by heavy rain, which meant the world-famous festival had to be postponed. Last night saw loads of Twitter posts surfacing that detailed a flood of a different kind that is troubling Burning Man and its visitors at the moment: bugs. “[..] Heather wears a welding mask most of the day. Bugs have crawled up inside her visor and nestled around her eyes” Bugs on the playa this year. Not normal. Shouldn’t a dust storm knock them out? Like Burningman wasn’t gross enough. pic.twitter.com/pkLrdUy25q — khloe morris (@khloestarr) August 18, 2015 It’s fairly strange that the hundreds of ... Read more