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Mix #058 by Saccao

Konstantinos Sakkas, better known as Saccao is an up and coming dj/producer from Athens, Greece. At the very young age of 14 he already stepped into the scene, playing at various bars in the city. At the age of 18 Saccao decides to get  more involved with music production and after his classes you could always find him behind his desk making music. In the weekends he performed at numerous clubs in Athens. His first track release on Soulman Music was were it started. Some of his new projects are signed to labels like, MEXA Records, Playperview Recordings, Cream Couture ... Read more

Mix #036 by Dake

Dake is a young up and coming DJ/Producer from Brazil. He grew up in a family full of musicians and Dake played the Flugelhorn, which is a special trumpet. He joined some orchestra’s and this way he learned a lot about harmony and music structure. When he started producing this helped him as well. He really wanted to do more with music and got into Music College, where he really found his way with all the possibilities that it gave him. His favorite subjects are Harmonic Perception and Counterpoint. These really help him out with his productions so those are the ... Read more

Mix #013 by Ammar Hasan

We would like to introduce you to Ammar Hasan, the A&R Manager from Playperview, which is the label from Brazilian DJ’s HNQO and Fabo. Ammar only recently started listening to House music. Ever since the day he entered club stereo in Montreal, Canada he was sold. This was the music he liked and wanted to be in touch with for the rest of his life. A year and a half later he decided to start DJ-ing himself as well. He also aims to produce as well soon. He is only 21 year old but already A&R manager at a label ... Read more